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Success Factors in Team Building

To build a successful team, it is of utmost importance to identify the three main success factors that act as milestones on the path to build a successful team. Rush-A-Way has compiled a list of these factors, explaining them in brief detail to provide an overview of the key factors that play a role in building successful teams in the points listed below :

Shared Vision

Having a shared vision to reach set team objectives is one of the first milestones a successful team has to reach. This is because having a shared vision translates to having a common checklist, which makes room for smooth execution of the work provided to a team. However, without participating in team building activities that address the importance of having a shared vision and strategy to win, it is nearly impossible for team members to come to a consensus of a shared vision. 

This is why professional team building services such as Rush-A-Way allow teams to creatively strategize their way through exciting problem-solving team building activities which empower them as a team and boost morale. Through engaging team building activities such as the Amazing Race, Scavenger Hunt and the Rush-A-Way Challenge, having a shared team strategy and vision is assured.

Collaborative Practices

The next factor is the collaborative practice the team embraces. The meaning behind this is that successful teams adopt strategies where each team member is eager to collaborate with their fellow team members in order to achieve a common goal. Taking on the Rush-A-Way Challenge in virtual team building and hybrid team building sessions is ideal to showcase the essence of teamwork and collaborative nature within teams in a synergic environment and has endless benefits for the overall team wellness. Since Collaboration is a key element of teamwork, having a sense of collaborative nature goes a long way when working with a team. 

Active Participation

Successful teams are built through team members who enthusiastically participate to solve challenges faced by the team. However, each team member requires a small nudge to boost their team spirit and actively participate in conflict resolution. This nudge is provided by engaging and high-energy team building activities organized by Rush-A-Way which can be accessed by teams all over the globe, through virtual team building activities, hybrid team building activities and even in-person team building activities organized in UAE, including hotspots in emirates such as Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Hence, providing the necessary means to boost active participation in teams is highly recommended by top corporate companies, including multiple Fortune 500 companies, which have also been Rush-A-Way’s clients. 


Through this article, Rush-A-Way has emphasized the importance of being aware of the key success factors which will boost your company culture and ignite team spirits to great heights. The underlying concept behind these success factors is the ability of a team to act as one, by participating in engaging team building activities which put team members in environments that demand skills such as effective communication and efficient collaboration.

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