Sustainability-themed Team Building Activities

Strengthening Bonds for a Greener Future

Our Clients

We have organized team building activities with over 300 corporate companies, many of who are returning clients. Our clients include Fortune 500 Companies

Client Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from our recent in-person sustainability team-building events in Dubai.

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Fives Group Testimonial

“We’ve been searching for a concept like this in the past and having the concepts of sustainability and saving the planet in the form of team-building activities is such a perfect way to do it.”

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DMCG Testimonial

“They have excellently planned around our objectives which was sustainability and competencies of a medical doctor for our students. We are grateful to have had an opportunity to work with this team.”

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Hp Testimonial

“Save the planet is an incredible game that raises sustainability awareness in a fun and challenging team-building way. It’s a complete package, and I wish more companies would engage in such activities.”

Why choose Rush-A-Way for your Team's Sustainability Journey?

Elevate your team’s eco-awareness with Rush-A-Way! We craft engaging events that inspire sustainability, teamwork and eco-conscious habits. Our tailored experiences align with your values and promote the lasting dedication of your employees to a greener world. Partner with us to showcase your commitment to a sustainable future.



Sustainability-themed activities need not be boring! Our engaging team-building sessions ensure participants have a fun-filled and enjoyable experience


Our thoroughly researched sustainability-themed concepts promote environmental awareness and ignite collaboration at a corporate and individual level


We specialize in achieving our client’s goals with our impactful team-building activities, ensuring successful and memorable events

Escape Game

Save The Planet

Embark on a mission to save humanity and our planet in Save the Planet, a thrilling team-building game. To rescue it, you must unlock the Sustainable Development Goals’ building blocks by solving puzzles at various stages, with the ultimate goal of securing the final block to ensure Earth’s survival. Does your team have the eco-hero spirit to rescue our planet?

Scavenger Hunt

The Eco-Quest

The Eco-Quest is an immersive team-building game that transforms sustainability education into an exciting adventure. Your team embarks on a thrilling scavenger hunt, solving diverse sustainability-themed puzzles while promoting eco-conscious habits.

Amazing Race

The Green Race

Dive into the ultimate eco-adventure with The Green Race! Using our interactive hunt app, you’ll tackle captivating puzzles while gaining insights into environmental sustainability. Discover ingenious ways to make a positive impact on our planet, all while having a blast. Race against the clock, strengthen your team’s bond and strive to conquer every stage to claim victory. 

Make your Green Dream Team !

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