Award Winning Team Building Company
Effective in-person, Virtual or hybrid team building
activities, scavenger hunts and group activities.
Award Winning Team Building Company
Effective in-person, Virtual or hybrid team building
activities, scavenger hunts and group activities.
Award Winning Team Building Company
Effective in-person, Virtual or hybrid team building
activities, scavenger hunts and group activities.
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Our Clients

We have organized dynamic team-building activities for more than 400 leading organizations across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE. Most of our clients are repeat customers, because of the effectiveness of our sessions in boosting employee engagement and productivity.

Our Offerings

Rush-A-Way offers innovative and interactive team-building activities both in person in the UAE, KSA and virtually across the globe. Our In-Person, Virtual and Hybrid team-building activities and events help teams strengthen bonds and improve collaboration. Our team-building activities now have an eco-friendly twist. They strengthen bonds while also making a positive environmental impact.


In-Person Team Building

Award-winning team-building activities in the U.A.E and KSA

Virtual Team Building

Globally engaging virtual and hybrid team-building activities

Scavenger Hunt

Treasure hunts, scavenger hunts and amazing races in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

We are an award winning

Team Building Company in UAE!

We are a leading team-building company in UAE, recognized by multiple awards and returning clients for our fun, unique and engaging concepts.


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Event Videos

Here are some highlights and case studies from our recent in-person and virtual team-building events in Dubai and across the UAE.

Take a look and get in touch to plan your very own Rush-A-Way experience!

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Visa Rush-A-Way Challenge

In-Person team-building event for 120 participants

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Du Scavenger

Scavenger Hunt across Dubai for 120 participants

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HP Rush-A-Way Virtual Challenge

Virtual team-building activities for 100 participants from around the globe

Client Testimonials

We listen and consistently deliver on our clients’ objectives.

Thanks to Rush-A-Way's team building activities underpinned by core skills , the teams were energized & motivated to succeed. A fun day of bonding resulting in key learnings relating to team work, collaboration and agility amongst others.

Our first Rush-A-Way Challenge bonded our team members from MENA and Ireland. The games were diverse, unique and very engaging. We would recommend Rush-A-Way any day.

Our HRSS team was super energized by the Rush-A-Way session planned in under 10 days! The bar has been raised higher and we look forward to the next.

Our Rush-A-Way Virtual was excellently organized. Team spirit was activated with the diverse challenges. Leadership was exhibited and we discovered some valuable hidden talents. It was more than great fun!

The event was incredible, we had so much fun! The team was high-spirited throughout the challenges. Working together and discovering each others' potential and talent was amazing. Building trust within teams was a huge win for us.

The enthusiasm and agility to adapt of your team is amazing. The great spirit is contagious, the challenges are super creative and adapted to all levels so everyone feels included, meeting any request 200%.

We entrusted Rush-A-Way with planning a fun session for our GCC Off-Site to celebrate 2022 achievements. The session exceeded our expectations again and we can't wait for the next one!

Thanks again to the Rush-A-Way team for a great couple of days! It was really successful for us, as we achieved what we set out to do – bringing people together in a non-work environment outside of the office

We worked with Rush-A-Way for the second time and their organization was excellent. Our factory teams were energized by the activities. The games were unique and engaging. We recommend them any day.

About Us

Rush-A-Way is renowned as one of the top team-building companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, driven by a strong vision of building stronger team bonds through creative experiential challenges. With our innovative, high-energy and technology-fueled team-building activities, we boost team morale and strengthen bonds among team members. We offer a diverse range of corporate team-building activities, including outdoor team-building and indoor team-building activities across the UAE and KSA. Additionally, we provide virtual, online and hybrid team-building activities for our clients globally.

Our team-building activities are curated specifically for each client based on their key objectives. The success of our approach is evident through the positive feedback from our 400+ corporate clients and 215,000+ participants. In fact, 99% of our clients have testified that Rush-A-Way’s team-building events have helped their teams build stronger bonds and improve collaboration through well-organized and memorable experiences.

Take a step towards building your dream team by booking a call with us today!

Why Rush-A-Way?

We’re all about fun and engaging team-building activities to achieve your objectives! Our variety of unique and sustainability-focused activities are designed to elevate your team’s performance, foster stronger bonds and encourage sustainable mindsets.

Unique & High
Spirited Events

Customized team-building activities with professional hosts unite teams for collective success.


Our teamwork, communication and collaboration team-building activities have won consecutive accolades for 7 years.

& Innovative

With 30+ years of experience, innovation is key to supporting our clients in achieving their objectives.


We provide more than just team-building-activities. We offer a complete package that include venue, F&B, transport, branding and other services.

Our Approach

We actively listen to our client’s objectives to curate memorable, effective and engaging events. Our core values of Customer Commitment, Eye to Detail and Sense of Urgency play key roles in always surpassing expectations. 


We start with the Key objective first. We use a simple but effective process to clarify and align key deliverables that will make our clients' sessions successful.


The aligned objectives guide our experts to curate icebreakers, activities and energizers considering your attendees, venue and event duration, thus designing the optimum session plan.


Every detail of the session is planned with our 100-point checklist, leaving nothing to chance. We deliver an experience that is not only memorable but delivers on the agreed objective every time!

You May Know Us From

You may know us for our award winning team-building activities, scavenger and treasure hunt concepts highlighted by various media partners

Building engaged teams!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have answers. Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions for more info.

Team building refers to activities and initiatives designed to strengthen the bonds, skills and cohesion among employees within an organization. These experiences aim to improve communication and collaboration among team members. 

Team-building refers to activities and initiatives designed to strengthen the bonds, skills and cohesion among employees within an organization. These experiences aim to improve communication and collaboration among team members. 

Effective team-building activities are interactive exercises, games, or workshops designed to improve teamwork, communication, trust, collaboration and relationships among employees within a company.

We offer a diverse range of team-building activities designed to boost morale and strengthen team bonds. Our team building event’s key focus areas generally include:

1. Communication

2. Creative Problem-solving,

3. Trust-building,

4. Collaboration,

5. Company values,

6. Sustainability awareness

Team building activities positively impact company culture by enhancing team cohesion and improving key skills within a team like communication, problem-solving, trust, and collaboration. These improvements lead to increased productivity and a more harmonious work environment, contributing to your organization’s success. Team building activities like Scavenger hunts and Treasure Hunts can also be used to promote office spaces or educate about various topics in a fun way like company or brand values or Sustainability.

We kickstart the process by understanding your specific objectives – after all, customer commitment is our top priority. We then craft a one-of-a-kind team-building session, carefully curating activities that align with your goals. With expert planning calls, an on-ground team, and seamless coordination with both the venue and client, we ensure a fun and invigorating experience that leaves your team feeling truly delighted.

Rush-A-Way’s team-building sessions follow a dynamic structure. We kick off with engaging icebreakers to get everyone energized and connected. Next, we dive into exciting challenges that promote teamwork and problem-solving and other focus areas based on the set objectives. Finally, we wrap up the session with valuable insights and learnings that can be applied at work. 

At Rush-A-Way, we specialize in corporate team-building activities. Whether it’s virtual, in-person, indoor, or outdoor, including exciting adventures like the Amazing Race and treasure hunts in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across the UAE, we offer diverse options. Our sustainability-focused activities strengthen team bonds and promote a greener future. As a top UAE team-building company, we’re dedicated to crafting exceptional experiences for your employees. 

We take into consideration the chosen concept, duration of the event, group size, location and other list of deliverables to give you the best price.

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