5 High-Impact Virtual Team Building Activities

5 High-Impact Virtual Team Building Activities



Successful Virtual Team Building Activities allows for human-to-human connections amongst remote team members – similar to face-to-face interactions in the regular office environment. Ensuring to replicate such connections can be challenging – but with Rush-A-Way, our high-impact virtual team building activities help to curate these bonds through promoting team


Virtual Team Building Activities can be delivered via various forms, some being through asynchronous and other through real time. The possibilities are endless to bring remote teams closer than ever – here are a few high-impact ones that can make remote unity a reality for you and your team:


1. Team Trivia

At the start of every week, get your remote teams together to tune into conversationsthat invite deeper connections amongst one another. This activity can be practiced whether you and your team are close or not, as there are always areas of discussion that may not have been touched in the past. Introducing a session dedicated to Icebreaker and get-to-know me questions will give your remote team the chance to continue conversations outside of work – thereby, building stronger bonds.

2. Virtual Water-Cooler Conversations

This activity is extremely versatile and can be curated according to your team’s preferences. Once a month, it can be helpful to schedule online meetings where as a team you converse in casual conversations that help bring conversation to topics outside of work. This activity mimics the regular chats that often take place at office cafe’s or water coolers. The themes of these conversations can also be changed every now and then to Coffee Chats, sounding more appealing to others and inviting newer crowds.

3. Virtual White-Elephant Gifts

Taking the time and effort to select presents that you think might be of liking to your colleagues is a great way to ignite team spirit and closer relationships. This too, can be customized depending on your team’s needs. One way to introduce Gift Giving is through While Elephant styles. When it comes to the online world, virtual gifts can be given too – which is why this activity is super flexible!

4. Learning Circles

Let’s face it, working remotely with your team can be stressful. Often, teams lose touch with their areas for growth and do not invest as much time to expand their horizons. Introducing Learning Circles to your remote team is a great way to boost productivity and efficiency. Taking turns in a circle, teams share their current struggles and future goals. This allows for high engagement within the team, and can motivate those who might be in a growth slump.

5. Virtual Challenges

Virtual games and activities can be the answer to many of the internal struggles teams face when working remotely. Depending on the nature of online games, members of remote teams have the time to work on those skills that may have been lost since working remotely. At Rush-A-Way, we value the benefits teams gain from our Virtual Team Building Activities – and stop at nothing to design games that boost morale, reinforce positivity and strengthen bonds!


Rush-A-Way’s classic Virtual Team Building activities can translate to building intimate connections amongst teams and more importantly can help boost morale and help mitigate feeling burnt out. If you would like us to plan and organize your virtual team-building activity, please get in touch for a free consultation and demo.


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