5 Ways to Organize an Impactful Virtual Team Building Event

5 Ways to Organize an Impactful Virtual Team Building Event



When planning a successful Virtual Team Building event, it is key that the activities in the event fit the agenda and requirements of your team, and more importantly to ensure that your team has fun! Organizing an event that is a perfect balance between the two can be tricky at times, however by following a few simple steps, organizing a Virtual Team Building event that is impactful can be made easier!


1. Determine The Goal

For any event to be successful, it is imperative that the objective is clearly defined as the basis of the event. This can allow for the event to run smoothly, but most importantly allows it to be effective for your team. In determining the goal, you can begin by asking yourself a few questions. What is it that you want your team to accomplish? Who is it that will be participating in the event? Why is the event taking place? Giving deep thought to such questions can be extremely helpful when searching for guidance towards an impactful Virtual Team Building event.

2. Plan Based On Your Team’s Skills and Find A Common Language

When you have a clear understanding of your team’s abilities, talents and skills – you can prioritize areas for growth and opportunity through Virtual Team Building events! Identifying where exactly your team lacks, be it as individuals or a team, can help you prepare for a productive event where your team utilizes existing and new know-hows. Finding a common language is also an integral part of any successful event, as all members of your team can equally participate if there are options for them to use a common language – one that they are familiar and feel confident with.

3. Create Internal Hype About The Event

Many times, companies will plan events for the future but leave out on taking efforts to let their team know. Prior to having the event, it can be helpful to create internal hype for your employees and team. When this is done, you have the opportunity to increase future attendance for the event, and your team enters the event feeling excited and eager due to the buildup.

4. Block Your Team's Calendar Well In Advance

During Virtual Team Building events, uncalled-for surprises can be common. One way to mitigate this is keeping tabs on your team and ensuring everyone is on the same page. Creating an event agenda, blocking dates on your team’s calendar and sharing it with them is the best way to stay organized and avoid confusion or miscommunication. Such agendas can highlight the start and end time of the event, the types of games/challenges, as well an insight into what to be prepared for.

5. Plan For Effective Games, Event Flow & Establish A Budget

If this is not something you or your team is capable of successfully doing internally, filtering down to the best Virtual Team Building company can be beneficial. It is highly important to choose a company that aligns with you and your team’s requirements. Choosing the right company gives you the chance to experience a demo prior to the event, and release any stress on organizing an entire event from start to end. With Rush-A-Way, we organize Virtual Team Building events seamlessly. The nature of our activities are entertaining for teams, and each of our games are technology-fueled! We combine our award-winning brand of fun with unique Virtual Team Building games and live hosts to bring you a fun and effective solution to build engaged and productive virtual teams!


Rush-A-Way’s classic Virtual Team Building activities can translate to building intimate connections amongst teams and more importantly can help boost morale and help mitigate feeling burnt out. If you would like us to plan and organize your virtual team-building activity, please get in touch for a free consultation and demo.


At Rush-A-Way we have helped over 200 organizations build stronger team bonds. Now we have combined our award-winning concept with unique and creative online team games to provide a fun and effective virtual experience which engages and motivates remote teams. Our sessions are 98% effective in strengthening bonds between team members and boosting team morale, based on the participant’s survey.


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