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We are Rush-A-Way, an award-winning virtual team building company, who has helped over 200 organizations – including multiple Fortune 500 companies, to improve workplace efficiency amongst virtual teams. Our remote team building activities are designed to create an engaging experience for remote teams to bond and build stronger connections through online team building games.

We’ve combined our award-winning brand of fun with unique online team building games and live hosts to bring you a fun and effective solution to build engaged and productive virtual teams. With more team members working remotely, the Rush-A-Ways virtual team building activities are perfect to bring together teammates from anywhere – office, home or even another country!

In order to work from home, it is imperative for remote team members to collaborate and communicate fluently with each other and our remote team building activities aid in energizing virtual teams. We are bringing a new and exciting virtual touch to corporate team building activities!

It's more than just Fun & Games!

Our virtual team building activities will connect your team through a virtual interface which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Completing the online team building games as a team aids in creating a sense of accomplishment in a new and exciting way, which immediately boosts morale. A team that is better connected with a boost in morale, is a team that is more productive and efficient. Our remote team building activities provide a different team bonding experience which will leave trust and communication renewed!

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Virtual Team Building Case Studies

Engaged Remote Teams

Our remote team building activities drive participants to overcome experiential challenges as a team. We focus on enhancing team skills such as communication, problem solving, time management and collaboration.

The online team building games and activities are designed to create meaningful connections between virtual team members that leave everyone feeling energized and unified. The participants are divided into teams through an online video interface in order to engage with each other in real time. Each team is also assigned a live moderator who runs the virtual team building activity along with the team.

We can help organizations customize their remote team building activities based on your objectives and subscribe to multiple team engagement sessions. Corporate team building activities make for an invigorating experience that can help organizations increase their workplace efficiency and employee engagement!

Engaging remote team building activities in Dubai

An Award-Winning
Team Building Company

The Rush-A-Way Virtual Challenge is jam-packed with remote team building activities which have participants engaging over multiple online team building games. Virtual team building has never been this fun or this effective in strengthening team bonds and re-igniting team spirit!!!


Happy participants of the Rush-A-Way challenge


Corporate Clients


Voted that our events helped strengthen team bonds


We came together as a team and it was lovely to know that our entire team of 140 people could have fun virtually. It brought out our team spirit, everyone rallied together.


It was a lot of fun and exciting to see how well we worked together even though we are not in touch with each other every day. It was engaging and exciting!


Thank you to Rush-A-Way and their team. Your support and engagement helped make the activity a wonderful memory for us. We really appreciate the commitment of the team to bring us a superb activity.


We were given an opportunity to build trust amongst each other in a fun and engaging environment! We never expected virtual team building to be possible and this engaging and it was a great load of fun for all of us and a thank you for organizing it.

Estee Lauder

This was an engaging experience that was out of the ordinary. We really enjoyed the experience!


Effective Virtual Team Building

Teams that collaborate and communicate well, work better together. Our virtual team building activities are organized to be effective in increasing team productivity by allowing virtual teams to work together and learn that they are stronger together. The rule of thumb we follow when creating our online team building games is to make them skillful and fun as opposed to stressful.

Stronger team bonds are imperative for employee wellness and higher productivity. Building a culture of trust makes a difference in team productivity and with new kinds of virtual team building activities, remote teams will find themselves feeling more connected and start to thrive even under high pressure situations.

The Rush-A-Way remote team building activities combine logic, mental agility and team work to provide participants with an experience that leaves individuals feeling united on a different level! Our sessions are voted 98% effective for building stronger team bonds.

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