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We have organized fun team-building activities with over 300 corporate companies, many of who are returning clients. Our clients including top Fortune 500 Companies have testified of how our experiences helped them create happier and more productive workplaces!

Engaging Virtual Team Building!

We are Rush-A-Way, an award-winning team building company, that has helped over 300 organizations – including multiple Fortune 500 companies, to improve workplace efficiency amongst virtual and hybrid teams.

We’ve combined our award-winning brand of fun with unique online team building games and live hosts to bring you a fun and effective solution to build engaged and productive virtual teams. With more team members working remotely, the Rush-A-Ways virtual team building activities are perfect to bring together teammates from anywhere – office, home or even another country!

In order to work from home, it is imperative for remote team members to collaborate and communicate fluently with each other and our virtual team building activities in uae aid in energizing virtual teams. We are bringing a new and exciting virtual touch to corporate team building activities!

Benefits of Virtual Team Building

Our virtual team building activities will connect your team through a virtual interface which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Completing the online team building games as a team aids in creating a sense of accomplishment in a new and exciting way, which immediately boosts morale. A team that is better connected with a boost in morale, is a team that is more productive and efficient. In order to work from home, it is imperative for remote team members to collaborate and communicate fluently with each other and our online team building activities aid in energizing virtual teams.

Connect from anywhere

Boost employee morale

Strengthen team bonds

Improve team productivity

Client Testimonials

We believe that the satisfaction of our clients is the driving force behind our success. Our clients have shared their gratitude for the fun and unforgettable experiences we have provided, and the positive effects it has had on their teams. Here’s what they had to say.

Our Rush-A-Way Virtual was excellently organized. Team spirit was activated with the diverse challenges. Leadership was exhibited and we discovered some valuable hidden talents. It was more than great fun!

The event was incredible, we had so much fun! The team was high-spirited throughout the challenges. Working together and discovering each others' potential was amazing. Building trust within teams was a huge win for us.

This was a well-needed break for all of us. We were engaged from the very beginning and it helped us learn about each other's strengths which we utilized to move forward with the challenges.

Our first IT EMEAA team-bonding session with the Rush-A-Way Virtual was a huge hit. The unique concept and great organization made it a highly rated and successful session.

We were engaged throughout and everyone had a great time. We learned that working out as team truly helps us stay motivated. We were a team with one common vision. This event truly reminded us the importance of working as a team .

Our Rush-A-Way sessions connected teams from across multiple countries in a unique virtual experience to have fun with each other through some engaging and well executed challenges. Thank you!

Our Rush-A-Way Virtual team building was great fun! We embraced our inner Sherlock Holmes to solve the murder case and truly loved the physical challenges. Thank you for an energizing session.

One of the amazing things we learnt was to respect and listen to all the team members equally. Because of the trust we built amongst each other we learnt how to succeed as a team. We got to know each other through a new lens by doing the challenges!

The Rush-A-Way virtual challenge we planned for our team had very high engagement. The execution was flawless, games were exciting and the moderators were professional. We highly recommend them.

    Virtual Team Building Case Studies

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    Deloitte Rush-A-Way Virtual Challenge

    Rush-A-Way Virtual Challenge for 40 participants

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    HP Rush-A-Way Virtual Challenge

    Virtual team building for 100 participants around the globe

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    Pfizer Rush-A-Way Virtual Challenge

    Rush-A-Way Virtual Challenge for 75 participants

    Making Virtual Team Building Effective

    Teams that collaborate and communicate well, work better together. Our virtual team building in Dubai, UAE is organized to be effective in increasing team productivity by allowing virtual teams to work together and learn that they are stronger together. The rule of thumb we follow when creating our online team building games is to make them skillful and fun as opposed to stressful.

    Stronger team bonds are imperative for employee wellness and higher productivity. Building a culture of trust makes a difference

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Got questions? We have answers. Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions for more info.

    Working from home calls for remote team members to collaborate and communicate just as efficiently and often as working at the office. Rush-A-Way’s Virtual Team Building in Abu Dhabi aid in energizing virtual teams, as we bring a new and exciting touch to corporate team building! Our virtual activities are designed to create engaging experiences for remote teams to bond and build stronger connections.

    At Rush-A-Way, we can be very flexible. Our recommended time is ideal 90 -120 minutes, however depending on the internal requirements of your company a shorter or longer event of 3 hours can be planned.

    Virtual Team Building in Dubai is beneficial for increasing efficiency, boosting morale, strengthening bonds and reinforcing positivity in the workplace. With Rush-A-Way, our clients have the unique opportunity to gain from these benefits virtually! Our participants learn from our virtual events and more importantly have fun, many of them even coming forward to stress on how their teams’ talents were discovered and new skills were unlocked.

    From a technical point of view, we need to be informed on what platform is approved internally – be it Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Webex. Asides from this, members are requested to join form stable internet connection and high quality audio and video settings. As we value our and your time, we also recommend for members to participate from a quiet environment.

    At Rush-A-Way, we can plan for members anywhere from 5 up to a 1000 participants!

    Boosting Engagement in Remote Team

    Our virtual team building in Abu Dhabi, UAE drives participants to overcome experiential challenges as a team. We focus on enhancing team skills such as communication, problem solving, time management and collaboration.

    The online team building games and activities are designed to create meaningful connections between virtual team members that leave everyone feeling energized and unified. The participants are divided into teams through an online video interface in order to engage with each other in real time. Each team is also assigned a live moderator who runs the virtual team building activities along with the team.

    We can help organizations customize their online team building activities based on your objectives and subscribe to multiple team engagement sessions. Corporate team building activities make for an invigorating experience that can help organizations increase their workplace efficiency and employee engagement!

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