5 Reasons Why Virtual Team Building Is Essential

5 Reasons Why Virtually Team Building Is Essential

Are you seeking better collaboration in your remote team? Looking to strengthen your team bonds? Virtual team building is a fool-proof approach to raise team morale, develop communication, foster productivity and combat the emotional distance created.

According to the Harvard Business Review, “close work friendships boost employee well-being by 50%.” It moreover states that “people with a friend at work are seven times more likely to engage fully in their work”. What does this indicate for remote teams? Simple. Virtual team building is imperative.

What is Virtual Team Building?

Virtual team building consists of numerous strategies, games and activities that bring more human interaction to virtual work. Ultimately, allowing the entire team to feel closer with one another and create meaningful connections that leave everyone feeling more charged and content.

So why should you bridge the virtual gap and bring your team together?

Below are 5 reasons why remote team building activity is essential.

1) Combat feeling of Isolation

Loneliness is a deadly emotion that is sure to crawl in; probably the most prominent downside to remote work and can lead to disengagement leading to poor performance on the job. A good virtual team building activity brings back the human connection and helps individuals come together as a team.

2) Improve Communication

A gap in communication can be common in remote teams. Connecting and unwinding with a remote team on a regular basis helps to strengthen relationships. Online team building games can be very effective to help team members change their mindset from a “me” mentality to a “we” mentality. When relations between remote teams are strong, they can interact, problem solve and manage conflicts more effectively.

3) Boost Team Morale

Low energy and morale can negatively impact work and efficiency. To build effective remote teams, high team morale and high motivation can go a long way. It can be harder to maintain these consistently in remote teams especially during stressful times due to innumerable external interruptions and stress caused by the uncertainty and fast changes. A fun and effective virtual team building activity helps teams calm their nerves, momentarily forget about the stress and unwind with colleagues over a friendly competition.

4) Encourage Productivity

Making sure your team can stay productive five days a week can certainly be a difficult task. It can be extremely difficult to concentrate on work from home. A remote team building activity will bring your team together and it will aid employees to learn to operate together more effectively and serve to remind them of their working goals. Evoke the notion that we are in this together and we are still a great team.

5) Increase collaboration

A negative effect on collaboration skills is a common result during these troublesome times. Fortunately, these online team building games can be participated at any time from anywhere. It can be personalised to your own company so you are able to get a message across and help your staff to engage in some collaborative exercises. Spending time with co-workers during remote team building favours individuals to accumulate bonds and collaborate in these hard times while catching up with associates and enjoying time together.

Conclusively, an effective virtual team building activties can reinforce positive behaviour in teams while they work from anywhere. They can be personalized as per the objectives and can be a great tool to keep teams motivated and productive in the current times. At Rush-a-way we strive to build stronger teams and our virtual team building activities has proven to be a fun and effective solution to build engaged and productive teams. We’ve combined our award-winning brand of fun with unique online team building games which are delivered by live hosts.

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