10 Exciting Virtual Team Building Activities to Add Flavor to Your Next Virtual Conference!

10 Exciting Virtual Team Building Activities to Add Flavor to Your Next Virtual Conference!

With the world on its head and virtual conferences becoming the new normal, we need to find ways to keep these conferences fun and exciting. This is where online team building games will come in especially handy.


Virtual team building helps not only boost morale, productivity, collaboration, and creativity but also create a sense of belonging and accountability.


Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of 10 different virtual team building activities that will give your attendees a break and a fun way to get to know each other better:

1. The Rush-A-Way Virtual Challenge

The Rush-A-Way virtual challenge is an amazingly engaging concept recently voted #1 for helping strengthen team bonds. These virtual team building activities are designed to create meaningful connections as well as help members overcome experiential challenges as a team. A laundry list of both small and big brands swear by these challenges, including Fortune 500 companies like SAP, HP, and American Express.


For best results, participants are divided into teams that’ll compete against each other over various unique challenges. The main goal of this corporate team-building challenge is to enhance your team skills like collaboration, time management, problem-solving, and communication.

2. Stimulated Problems

Bummed about all the office outings, training camps, and corporate team building trips that got canceled? Stimulated problems can be a decent consolation. This concept offers a nice mix of work and play.


Simply provide your teams with some exciting yet fairly challenging work problems. To bolster team spirit, let the members work together to find a creative solution.

3. Pictionary

Pictionary is the perfect opportunity for your teams to showcase their artistic talents and have lots of fun while at it. And knowing that not everyone has a talent for art, it can make for some hilarious moments. The entire team has to be creative, active, and involved, which makes it a great way to get team spirit and conversations going.

4. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Remember how fun and exhilarating scavenger hunts were when you were a kid? With virtual scavenger hunts, you can solve riddles and find the objects within your home. By the end of the hunt, everyone should tell an interesting story about the object.

5. Virtual Escape Room

Virtual escape rooms are web-based escape rooms conducted via Zoom and other platforms. Well, what better way to learn about your teams than by being locked together in an escape room?

6. Two Truths One Lie

Nothing says bonding more than getting to know each other. In this virtual team building game, everyone will give 3 statements about themselves – two are true, one’s not. It’s a classic game to execute through virtual platforms.

7. Build a Story

We live for stories, which is why Build-a-Story is going to be a riot on your next corporate team building event. The goal of the challenge is to construct a story around a certain top and using certain words as a team.

Going around in a circle each participant will contribute only one sentence to the story. This makes it great for improving collaboration, communication, and synergy.

8. Show and Tell

Go back in time and relive your glorious elementary school days. Show something special or with history and share some interesting stories

9. Kahoot! Quiz

Test everyone’s trivia knowledge. It’s fun and exciting learning about stuff together.

Simply hop on Kahoot! and create an awesome quiz. From here, you can welcome your teams and start testing participants’ knowledge. You can generate several rounds of quizzes and award each team a few seconds to answer each quiz.

At the end of each round, tally the points and reveal the winning team. This will help build team bonds regardless of their location.

10. Virtual Open Mic

Whether you’re looking to add pizzazz to your virtual conference, corporate team building, or any other virtual office event, you can never go wrong with an open mic. Give your team a chance to showcase their vocal talents virtually.



Effective and fun corporate team building activities are a great tool for building stronger remote teams and in bringing them closer. Try the above-mentioned 10 virtual team-building games to boost employee morale, engagement and productivity.

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