What Makes An Impressive Team

What Makes An Impressive Team

For a team to be truly impressive, its members must unite with the same vision and be motivated to bring that vision to life. Furthermore, there are five ground rules that are the stepping stones to success within any team.

To give you an insight into what an undeniably impressive team is like, Rush-A-Way has laid out the ground rules for you

Clear Objectives

Through clear communication and discussions within a team, no matter how diverse it may be, success can be achieved.

The most renowned way of achieving this level of clarity is through practicing the habit of setting team objectives in a stress-free environment.

To set objectives, the team must be motivated to succeed together. This can again be achieved through fun challenges, such as the Rush-A-Way’s well-received Scavenger Hunt, which tests the team as a whole on skills such as collaboration, finding new and improved ways of problem-solving and bolstering motivation within the team. Over the years, Rush-A-Way has been able to guide teams through the process of setting clear objectives by curating a unique set of team-building activities that are bound to bring the team together through thought-provoking challenges!

Balanced Roles

Once clear objectives have been set, it is of utmost importance that the team leader identifies the strongest suit of each team member and delegates work accordingly.
Identification of a team member’s strengths and weaknesses can be done through a series of icebreaker activities.

This will not only give you an opportunity to network with the team, but it will also add to everyone’s comfort level within the team. In this way, the team members can individually discuss the type of work they are most passionate about, and the team leader can make note of it accordingly.

Rush-A-Way has received positive feedback for strengthening teams and conceptualizing icebreaker activities for over 300 clients!

Conflict Resolution

Every team faces conflicts along the way while working towards its objectives. It is integral to have a system of conflict resolution that is designed to quickly solve all minor conflicts within the team and is used to deal with major conflicts the team may face externally.

What better way to solve different types of conflicts your team may face in the corporate world than by participating in timed challenges that are filled with thrilling surprises all along?

With Rush-A-Way, you do not have to worry about organizing such challenges because we are a one-stop shop for hosting innumerable variations of team building activities all over the globe, for all sorts of teams. Be it Virtual Team Building activities or even Hybrid Team formats, we have it all covered! 

Individual Development

When individuals decide to be part of a team, it is to hone their existing skill-set and to learn from the company. To keep every team member engrossed in the team’s overall development, it is crucial to note that the company must actively present opportunities where each team member learns new skills.

Rush-A-Way has been maintaining the reputation of testing fundamental skills which include communication, collaboration, diligence and responsibility.

Companies all over the world have been understanding the importance of participating in team building activities to add to individual development within their teams.

So, give your team members a chance to practice key skills that add to their existing skills through our on-ground, virtual and hybrid event options!

Rewards and Celebrations

Make the time to regularly recognize, reward, and celebrate both team and individual performance. This will help to build morale and boost the motivation of the group to continue their hard work.

Find the most appropriate way to celebrate team milestones, such as a personal ‘thank you at a team meeting, a team brunch, or a simple team retreat from real-world problems through pleasant team building activities organized by Rush-A-Way!

Ensure that recognition is consistent and that the method you choose inspires and reinforces the team members to continue their positive contribution to the team’s progress.


An impressive team is formulated through consistent practice in addition to a healthy working environment. While keeping the above points in mind, It is also essential that the team leader switches things up once in a while through exciting team retreats, where team members are encouraged to rejuvenate!

Rush-A-Way specializes in organizing team building activities in Dubai and UAE including Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. We also offer virtual team building activities and hybrid team building activities across the globe.

Contact us now to give your team a chance to flourish and grow through exciting team building activities.

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