Top Three Ways to Boost Morale

Top Three Ways to Boost Morale

Employees of every single office have their fair share of good and bad days. Activities or events such as virtual or offline team building activities that motivate employees and help them reorient themselves are among the best offerings an employer can make. That’s precisely where morale boosters come into play.

Happy employees are the bottom line of any successful business. Improving their individual morale with the help of activities like scavenger hunts has a lot of benefits like better teamwork, increased retention rate & productivity. Fortunately, Rush-A-Way has done the legwork for you. Here’s a list of 4 employee morale boosters every employer should be aware of that will effectively unite a team.

Employee Feedback

Number one on this list is asking your employees to voice their opinions and feedback on how the work culture can be improved and what changes would help them feel more at ease during work. It is important that the employer does not simply ask for feedback and neglects to take action. The employer could conduct team building activities once in a while that would help the employees feel comfortable enough to voice their opinions. Moreover only if appropriate action is taken would the employee feel like they are being appreciated and valued. By encouraging your employees to give their feedback you are showing them that you care about them on a deeper level.

Team Bonding

It is a common practice in corporate work culture for employees to arrive at a designated hour, complete their tasks, and then leave. Every day, the same routine is followed. This could lower an employee’s morale in the sense where he or she feels that their work goes unnoticed. One of the things an employer could incorporate is a deliberate ‘break day’ where all of the employees get a break from their usual work routine and take part in activities inside the office. Having the employees be a part of various games and activities conducted by Rush-A-Way would not only give them a break without having to take a day off, but it will also get them excited about coming to work. Strengthening their team bonds and increasing creative and logical thinking skills is one among the main objectives.In today’s world, scavenger hunts are more than just a fun pastime. Many businesses use this game to boost team morale and bonding. Such activities will also help to relieve day-to-day stress, break down communication barriers among teammates, and have a direct impact on their work. These types of actions make employees feel valued and appreciated, which encourages them to contribute more to their team and, as a result, increases efficiency.

Genuine Recognition

Recognition of your employees’ work is and will always be a major morale booster. Private recognition is good. However, public recognition while participating in team building activities will continue to be one of the most effective ways to make an employee feel appreciated for the work they do. Organizing activities and events that will bring out the best in your employees will allow them to get past their insecurities or doubts. This is a great way to recognize various hidden talents your team may possess. As an employer, you could also make the recognition more meaningful by giving them rewards in the form of bonuses or gift cards. Things like these make the employee feel like they are valued and appreciated which in turn helps them contribute better to their team and therefore increase productivity.


It is simple to get work done from your employees. However, if your employees are not kept happy or lose interest in their work, the quality of the work produced will eventually suffer. In order to avoid this, the employer should regularly hold team-building exercises that will raise employee spirits and, as a result, increase output and workplace effectiveness. Hence, it is critical to identify potential sources of employee dissatisfaction and take immediate action. Bottom line: employee morale is the backbone of your business, and as an employer, you cannot afford to ignore it. Contact us today for a free consultation or demo.

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