5 Ways to Onboard A Remote Team Member

5 Ways to Onboard A Remote Team Member


If you have a new hire joining your remote team, your next plan of action is to welcome them to the company and the team and train and onboard them. In a physical setting, this is quite easy and often involves eager handshakes, meeting the team and familiarizing themselves with the new office setting and culture which is an important aspect of corporate team building.


However, For virtual onboarding, the new hire may feel even more nervous because they are alone instead of being surrounded by a welcoming chatter of teammates.Therefore, this can feel isolating to them. To make them feel welcome, motivated, give them a positive onboarding process and help them integrate happily with the remote team, then it is important to ensure that you virtually onboard your new employee in a positive, strategic and structured manner. Here’s how:

1. Have a Virtual Onboarding and Training Plan in Place

One way to help your new hire feel welcomed, valued and prepared from the first day is to have an onboarding and training plan in place that guides them through what the team works on, team culture and helps them integrate and get up to speed on their role and responsibilities. Besides, shaving a plan in place shows that you are organized which motivates the new hire to want to do the same. Have a thorough plan and delegate training tasks to your team members as well as communicating expectations effectively.

2. Establish a Personal Connection

One way to get new hires feeling excited and motivated instead of being crippled with nervousness is to establish a personal connection. Contact them for a welcome call to introduce them to the team members. Leverage virtual team building activities including virtual meetings to effortlessly connect and engage the new hire to the teammates and managers. This meet-and-greet will be an important jumping-off point to give the new hire a successful onboarding.

3. Consider Assigning a Virtual Mentor

To reduce the chances of the new hire feeling isolated, assign a virtual mentor to help them build a customs learning path and helps them immerse themselves in their role, responsibilities and growths. This is also a great way to help them establish a strong foundation and growth plan while making them feel seen and valued. The virtual mentor can also help them integrate into the team and even organize online team-building games as a break time form of virtual team-building with other team members.

4. Have Ongoing Check-ins and Touchpoints

This is imperative to keep remote employees engaged and motivating as well as to ensure that they are integrating successfully as part of the team culture. Have virtual team meetings, regular updates, individual daily and weekly check-ins, etc. As such communication and interaction will help the new hire feel valued and less isolated.

5. Virtual Team Building

A virtual team-building session will help the new hire create bonds with the team and normalize the onboarding and training process. Incorporate the team’s interest as part of the activities for the session and make this an opportunity for the new hire to learn more, communicate their challenges and feel like an important part of the team.



Effective and fun corporate team-building activities are a great tool for building stronger remote teams and in bringing them closer. Try the above-mentioned 5 ways that will help you Virtually Onboard Your New Team Member to make them feel welcomed and motivated.

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