Making Change Happen: Smart Team Building

Making Change Happen: Smart Team Building

Goal setting is fundamental in any corporate team, because it provides you with a benchmark to determine whether you can meet your team objectives in a given time-frame. The SMART team building framework is obtained from the SMART goal-setting procedure, which brings the best traceability and results into your goals and objectives. Rush-A-Way has summarized this framework in a series of subtopics, making it easier for you to navigate through this concept and build understanding in concise terms:


With the help of team building activities carefully curated by Rush-A-Way, you can guide your team through the process of specific goal-setting. Practice and repetition builds habit, which is why the Rush-A-Way Challenge was formulated to set engaging challenges in place, with specific goals so that teams can work through a series of team building activities and reach their specific goals together. 

Specific goals are essentially the components of a much larger goal, which are divided into smaller, more concise goals so that it is easier for teams to have a sense of accomplishment. This sense of achievement and success is attained through completing the dynamic team building activities put in place by Rush-A-Way, that can be accessed through any part of the globe by remote and hybrid teams, in addition to on-ground team building activities spread across UAE, in all emirates including Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 


A measurable goal helps to know how your team is performing and how much progress  has been made. With each team building activity completed, Rush-A-Way provides a fair point system, allowing teams to measure their progress in a competitive environment, which is useful when teams progress through real-world challenges in the corporate realm. Through gaining points, teams are able to pin-point their overall progress and remain motivated to work through the engaging team building activities curated specifically for their team objectives. 

Thus, Rush-A-Way provides a tangible means to evaluate success and improvise on their strategies to achieve specific and measurable goals.


The goal should be realistic to attain, given the time and resources provided to a team. Keeping this in mind, Rush-A-Way has always been able to set challenging yet achievable goals for teams during the team building activity. Over 300 clients, which includes Fortune 500 companies have been satisfied with Rush-A-Way’s unique concepts that are built to target skills and goals which are easily attainable and beneficial to your team outside of the team building process. Rush-A-Way understands the importance of setting achievable goals that are also challenging, to foster an environment that allows team members to harness their skills together.


During the process of team building, it is crucial that team members actively engage in team building activities that cater to their needs in the corporate atmosphere. Through consistent practice by participating in effective team building activities that target the key elements of teamwork such as collaboration, communication and efficiency, teams are able to engage in activities that benefit them immensely even after the Rush-A-Way Challenge is over! Over the years, Rush-A-Way has received worldwide recognition and praise for creative team building activities through genuine client testimonials, that further add on to our motivation to conceptualize team building activities which are ideal for teams in any setting– Be it on-ground across the UAE, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, or remote and hybrid teams.


Time-based efforts are a must to achieve any goal set for the team. This emphasizes the importance of time management, which is an integral aspect of any workforce. 

Rush-A-Way exerts great value for time, and ensures that team building activities allow team members to manage their time in various ways, through exhilarating time-based challenges that require team members to complete the task in the shortest amount of time possible!

Hence, Rush-A-Way’s team building activities provide a scenario where team members can practice the skill of time management, enjoy fun team building activities together and understand the importance of team bonding. 


With reference to the above points, it is clear that showcasing how the set goals will bring value to the team and in what ways team members will progress from achieving them is the baseline of the SMART team building framework. 

With Rush-A-Way here to aid any team, from anywhere across the globe, your team members can attain and put the SMART team building framework into use for daily tasks. 

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