4 Reasons why Team Building is Vital for Your Business

4 Reasons why Team Building is Vital for Your Business


Are your employees productive, happy and performing as they should? In every workplace, it is vital for employees to feel valued and that they are a crucial part of the team. To do so, engaging in is an important way to get new hires up to speed as well as inject new motivation and productivity into your existing team members and the entire organization as well. This is imperative for enhancing better working relationships and therefore, team building is chock full of benefits for the company whether you are a small, medium or large business as well as whether you are operating physical teams or working remotely.


As long as your team-building activities are well-planned, they are investments into your employees and none of the awkward bonding sessions that movies make them out to be. So, whether you decide that your corporate team building involve a quiz every Friday, a challenging expedition once in a while, an adventure in an escape room or other virtual team building activities, when done regularly, this will make your employees feel valued and hence lead to better working relationships and productivity. That said, here are four reasons why team building is important for your business:


1. Enhances Communication

Just like in all other social relationships, professional relationships require good communication too for them to thrive. While employees may feel comfortable with communicating with their team, how do they fare when communicating with supervisors and other employees in different departments? Having companywide corporate team building activities will help bridge this gap by helping the employees bond with each other such that they get to know each other well and effectively communicate with others whether in their team or in other teams throughout the organization.

2. Builds Trust

Everyone is bound to be mistrustful when they haven’t interacted with another person. However, team building helps build trust by helping employees work together and loosening their guards against their peers. For remote teams, it is easy for employees to feel a bit isolated and hence, be guarded against their team members. However, having online team building games and other virtual team building activities will give them a chance to bond with each other and become more trusting which allows them to foster teamwork much more easily. This can be through discussions, bouncing ideas off each other and communicating more effectively, which leads to better performance and productivity..

3. Makes Employees Feel Valued

The relationship between the organization and employees is important and should be nurtured so that both sides feel like they are gaining. If your employees feel dissatisfied, these wills show in the output they give. Therefore, making your employees feel valued, appreciated and recognized is crucial. Team building does an excellent job of making employees feel appreciated and hence, organizing corporate team building activities such as company outings, dinners, online team-building games with rewards, and vacations will make them feel that their efforts are seen and that they matter.


4. Reveals Hidden Skills

When you engage your team through team-building activities, not only does it boost teamwork but also, it can reveal new skills. This is because, both physical and virtual team-building activities create a relaxed environment for your team and hence, they can let go of inhibitions and reveal their hidden skills or capabilities. This boosts engagement and helps employees and supervisors alike get to learn more about each other which in turn improves sufficiency at the workplace.


There you have it, all work and no play will make your organization a dull place to work! Build better teamwork and increase performance by organizing regular team building activities for your company and this will make them more efficient, productive and happy.


At Rush-A-Way we have helped over 200 organizations build stronger team bonds. Now we have combined our award-winning concept with unique and creative online team games to provide a fun and effective virtual experience which engages and motivates remote teams. Our sessions are 98% effective in strengthening bonds between team members and boosting team morale, based on the participant’s survey.


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