5 Trends to Improve Team Bonding

5 Trends to Improve Team Bonding

With the post-pandemic era redefining the essence of team building, it is imperative that HR departments and employers keep up with the emerging trends of team bonding. In this article, Rush-A-Way will provide a deeper understanding of these advancements within companies and provide effective ways to inculcate these within your team.

The points are as follows:

Company Wellness

To foster team bonding, company wellness should be one of the prime objectives of employers in corporate settings. Prioritizing a healthy working environment which is encouraging to team members is crucial because working with minimal stress has proven to boost team bonding, which in turn aids team performance. Company wellness also translates to participating in light-hearted team building sessions. The Rush-A-Way Challenge has helped a multitude of corporate clients to prioritize company wellness and boost overall team productivity all over the world, including cities such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah.

Flexible Work Models

A team can be successful no matter what its work model is, as long as it practices the habit of consistent team bonding. Flexible work models have seen a steep growth in popularity post-pandemic for this very reason. However, flexible work models such as hybrid working and remote working can only be effective if necessary measures are taken to ensure the team remains on the same page. Team bonding exercises curated by professionals has become prevalent in such work models as they are the stepping stones to team success. For instance, teams all over the world can participate in stimulating virtual team building activities or hybrid team building activities with Rush-A-Way. We have been listed as one of the Top 10 Corporate Team Building Companies in Asia for our stellar performance in the industry and can ensure a successful team building session no matter where your team is working from.

Prioritizing DEI Initiative

The DEI Initiative stands for Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. In recent years, this initiative has taken the center stage to aid teams in bonding and providing an inclusive working environment that can highlight each team member’s specific strengths and allow them to improve their weaknesses. To put this initiative in practice, the easiest method is to participate in virtual team building activities, hybrid team building activities or on-ground team building activities depending on the work model your team follows. 79% of corporate companies all over the globe recommend team building activities as the most effective methods to incorporate the DEI Initiative which is crucial for team bonding.

Customizable Team Building

Every team is unique and has varying objectives. Which is why, a one-size-fits-all ideology is not ideal for all teams when it comes to participating in engaging team building activities to work on team bonding. Rush-A-Way understands this trend and is able to add distinct touches and customize our concepts to suit any team requirement. Through this, Rush-A-Way is able to provide a unique experience which helps teams to form a solid group identity and bond as a team with ease. One of our most well-received team building activities includes the Scavenger Hunt, which can be customized to suit virtual team building sessions, hybrid team building sessions and on-ground team building sessions all over UAE. With customizable team building activities, employers can target certain competencies and allow team members to have a great time with their fellow team members.

Collaborative Tools

A centralized collaboration hub is essential for team members to work efficiently. In addition to providing collaborative tools, it is also important for team members to be familiar with collaborating on projects and challenges through team building activities. The quickest way for teams to bond is through working together on team building challenges which provides them with the opportunity to work as a team and achieve a common goal. Rush-A-Way concepts such as the Black Box are a great and effective way to strengthen team bonds. These team building activities not only provide a means to bond, but they also provide team members with the opportunity to work effectively within a time frame. For this very reason, collaborative tools such as team building sessions are of high importance to boost team bonding.


To summarize, employers heavily rely on the latest team bonding trends as they provide a fresh means of uplifting team members together, which positively impacts their ability to work together as a team. According to these emerging trends, team bonding and team building events play a pivotal role in bringing team members closer, allowing them to reach their full potential.

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