4 Amazing Benefits of a Scavenger Hunt for Team Building

4 Amazing Benefits of a Scavenger Hunt for Team Building

A traditional scavenger hunt is usually a game in which the players — either individuals or teams —
compete to see who can obtain the most items from a list within a specified area. However, a
scavenger hunt inspired activity can be customized to become more creative and even greater when
conducted on a larger scale. At Rush-A-Way, we’ve done countless scavenger hunt inspired activities
as part of team building activities in Dubai and it is essentially an awesome activity to have for a
corporate team building. Here are some of the key benefits on why you should consider planning your very own scavenger
hunt at your next team building event:

1. Improves collaboration

A scavenger hunt or treasure hunt is team based activity which requires showcasing team work to
solve clues and work with one another to win the challenge. Through scavenger hunts, team members
must communicate effectively and take initiative in leading their team to complete the challenge
within the given time. At Rush-A-Way, we’ve witnessed teams come out of their comfort zone, step
up and showcase their hidden strengths as game player during a scavenger hunt inspired activity.

2. Encourages thinking ‘outside the box’

One of the fun things about hosting a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt in large scale areas is that teams
get to explore and think of new ideas to solve the clues to find hidden places or items. At Rush-A-
Way, we choose some of the most amazing locations in Dubai and host large scale scavenger hunt
inspired challenges which not only require you use your existing knowledge but also encourage
creative thinking to solve the clues.

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3. Increases employee engagement

Let’s face it, no matter how many benefits a team building activity has, if it’s not fun and engaging,
no one’s really going to really put their whole heart into it. A scavenger hunt team building activity
can really boost your team spirits, as you are being challenged mentally and physically to get out and
about to solve clues and complete the challenges. It’s undoubtedly one of the go-to team activities for
any exciting team building event in Dubai!


4. Easily customized

A scavenger hunt is an activity which can be customized to something extraordinary or even be just a
simple office activity. You can create your own scavenger hunt and customize it to fit what you think
your colleagues would prefer. Whether it’s learning about corporate values, enhancing your general
knowledge or exploring the city, you can actually create a scavenger hunt that can cater to all these
factors. At Rush-A-Way, we’ve explored various locations and made clues in a way that would help
teams learn about exciting locations or simply rely on general knowledge to win the scavenger hunt
inspired challenge.

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