Top 10 Employee Team Building Activities in UAE

Top 10 Employee Team Building Activities in UAE

The UAE has been observing an ever-growing trend in corporate team building sessions which positively impact the employee wellness and company culture across the country. 

Here at Rush-A-Way, we creatively conceptualize team building activities which thoroughly target the skills an individual requires to effectively work within a team. We are an award-winning team building company and have been entrusted with clients all over the region to organize professionally put-together team building events, which consist of hybrid team building sessions, on-ground team building sessions and online team building events. 

We have compiled a list of our top team building activities which are the most popular amongst our clients and have been extremely well-received by all team members. Take a look at the top 8 employee team building activities in the UAE below:

1. The Amazing Race

The amazing race targets team building skills such as quick-thinking, effective communication and swift collaboration, which makes it one of the most engaging team building activities in Dubai. Here, team members work together as one to win  the fun-filled race which proves to be an extremely rewarding and memorable experience for the entire team. 

Through this amazing on-ground team building experience, teams get to participate at checkpoints and hotspots all over the UAE, in emirates such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

2. Virtual Team Building

We offer virtual team building activities for teams that work remotely, as it is of utmost importance to actively participate in team building especially when  a team is within a remote working environment. This instills a sense of familiarity, trust and efficiency within the team, wherein every team member participates with full fervor to achieve a common objective. This in turn builds excitement to work as a team while working through real-world challenges in the corporate realm. 

We have worked with companies all over the world and have received extensively positive feedback for our virtual team building sessions!

3. Time-Based Challenges

Time management is single-handedly one of the most crucial skills to have in an individual work setting and in environments where employees work in a team. To allow team members to have a platform where they can engage in time-based challenges which test their team building skills, Rush-A-Way effectively instills the importance of time management, while also ensuring that all team members have fun through the team building process! These challenges can be set up at any location including in an office or in a hotel and can be customized based on the team’s objectives.

4. Drumming session

Drumming is another rewarding experience wherein team members can collectively enjoy the drumming session, which allows them to celebrate their success together! It proves to be a medium of experiencing joy after working through challenges together, which in turn motivates all team members to put their best foot forward and work together in harmony. Celebrating successes together is an integral part of team building, which is highlighted through the drumming session.

5. Escape Box

Taking an innovative approach within the niche of team building activities, Rush-A-Way offers escape box team building activities which allows team members to work on their problem solving and time management skills through creative and out of the box solutions, proving to be an ideal team building experience for any team. It is offered for all working environments, ranging from remote team building to on-ground team building! It is a great immersive experience to engage team members and ignite team

6. Scavenger Hunt or City Hunt

Also known as Treasure hunt, this particular team building activity truly brings out the individual strengths among team members while blending in with a team. After receiving immense positive feedback by a multitude of corporate clients, Scavenger Hunt is one of our most successful team building activities which is perfect for teams working remotely , in a hybrid environment or on-ground locations either in an office location or across the UAE! In addition to testing all the key elements of teamwork, the hunt concept also helps the team explore or discover a destination!

7. Creative Art

An extremely immersive team building activity is participating in creative art activities, which allows team members to think outside the box and allow their vision as a team to come to life! Art is extremely calming and engaging to participate in, providing team members with a chance to participate in a healthy competition in addition to having a rejuvenating experience.  Through craft work to painting, Rush-A-Way specializes in providing a vast range of creative activities that clients can select from.

8. Hybrid Team Building

Hybrid teams have been recently gaining momentum after the pandemic, making them an integral aspect of a successful corporate company. While a few team members may be working on-ground, in addition to the remaining team members working remotely, there is often a visible barrier between the two working modes. To tackle this issue, Rush-A-Way has developed one-of-a-kind team bonding concepts which allow team members to collaborate and participate in team building activities which allows them to become more productive and motivated to work together even outside of the team building event.

9. Beach Olympics

Trips to the beach are often considered a getaway into a serene atmosphere, away from all the hustle and bustle of the corporate world. Rush-A-Way has been able to take the idea of the beach and intricately synchronize it with promoting healthy competition within teams. The Beach Olympics is a series of energizing and rejuvenating beach games wherein teams are able to compete with each other in a carefree environment. Teams have the opportunity to experience a rejuvenating team retreat session while also being able to upskill their strengths in a professional manner. This in turn is able to provide a careful balance between taking a step back to relax and consistently being able to maintain a growth mindset. With Rush-A-Way, boost your team morale and ignite their team spirit through this amazing experience!

10. Minute to Win It

Taking a unique approach to quick timed challenges which are a minute long each and have gained immense popularity, the Minute to Win It concept aims to aid team members quickly solve short challenges through mutual team effort in order to progress to set milestones along the way. This in turn prepares the team members for quick thinking and top-notch efficiency within their team. Rush-A-Way has developed this particular idea to bring in the nostalgia of quick team building games, in addition to making them beneficial enough for professional corporate teams. 

In essence, the Minute to Win It concept is able to indicate the importance of time management, quick thinking and choosing the right team members in addition to working with a diverse group of individuals and making the most of any opportunity that is a stepping stone to success. 

Rush-A-Way has successfully conceptualized a multitude of sub-challenges within this category which can be utilized by corporate teams all over the region, through online team building sessions and on-ground team building sessions!


Team building events are essential for teams working in any corporate setting and Rush-A-Way is well-versed in customizing our innovative concepts to suit your team irrespective of the working environment or mode of work. 

Through the 8 team building trends noticed all across the region, there is something for everyone in our wide selection of team building activities which greatly benefit all individuals taking part in the exhilarating team bonding experiences!

Contact us now to boost your team’s morale and reach new milestones.

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