The Stages of Team Development

The Stages of Team Development

For teams to be high-performing, it is essential for them to understand their development as a team. The most commonly used framework for a team’s stages of development was developed in the mid-1960s, which has helped teams globally, to help identify a basic framework for their development. 

Rush-A-Way has explained this framework to guide you through the stages of development within your team:


This is where prospective team members engage in conversations and highlight each other’s skills, while also taking the opportunity to stand out to their peers. Conversations require icebreakers to truly build comfort and efficiency within the team. 

Rush-A-Way’s unique concepts through virtual team building activities in addition to the  on-ground team building activities all over UAE in emirates such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi has substantially benefited new teams through exciting icebreaker activities.


This particular stage is considered as one of the most critical stages of team development. It may cause conflict within the team, especially when there is a diverse group of individuals working together to achieve a common objective. 

For this reason, it is imperative that employers consider team building activities, so that the team is faced with challenges with no serious repercussions, which will allow them to participate in real-time team building challenges in a stress-free environment, boost morale and allow them to practice their collaborative skills. Rush-A-Way has brought in a surge of motivation and energy within teams from over 300 clients globally, and understands the importance of organizing team building sessions designed to curate any team’s needs; through virtual team building, hybrid team building and on-ground events all over UAE. 


This particular stage enhances the problem-solving skills of the team. After the stage of storming, the team takes a break and cooperates to bring its best foot forward, in order to find a solution that works in the team’s best interest. 

However, this requires practice. Rush-A-Way offers timed challenges that allow team members to collectively brainstorm the best solution in the shortest duration. Teams all over the globe have noticed a significant difference in their communication and collaborative skills after participating in our engaging team building activities.


Performing upon the set goals may be one of the most integral stages of team development. Before the team is ready to step into the real-world challenges and goals, it is often necessary to enhance performance in a comfortable environment with constructive feedback. Rush-A-Way has created just the right set of concepts, including the famous Rush-A-Way Challenge, wherein teams participate in a wide variety of fun team building activities including scavenger hunts and virtual team building activities, bringing everyone together with the purpose of giving their best performance for the team. 

This will boost your team’s performance and exceed the expectations you may have set for your team, thus going above and beyond the original objectives set for your team.


The reason why teams work together is to achieve a common objective, in order to feel accomplished and recognized. Furthermore, it is the time to celebrate team success! 

Rush-A-Way includes the concept of celebrating each team for their team bonding and success in the team building activities because it is important for the team to realize how it can achieve any milestone together if they work together, highlighting each other’s best skills and understanding the feeling of accomplishment. 

Rush-A-Way is well known for boosting team spirit through fun team building activities and boosting morale through appreciating each team for their progress, which is ideal to complete the fifth and final stage of team development.


In essence, a team goes through five basic stages of team development that will attain success the fastest if the right set of team building activities are put in place for the team to grow and evolve.

Rush-A-Way encourages you to set the right tone for your team from day one, with our team building activities specially designed to suit your company’s exact needs, from anywhere around the globe through online team building activities for remote teams, on-ground team building activities for corporate teams in the UAE, across emirates such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai, or opt for hybrid team building activities in hybrid team settings!

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