Managing Teams with Different Working Styles

Managing Teams with Different Working Styles

Every manager faces the challenge of successfully overseeing a diverse group of individuals. To tackle this challenge, Rush-A-Way has pointed out a number of useful tactics to manage team members with different working styles. Take a look at the points mentioned below for better understanding and utilization of these tactics: 

1. Recognize Individuality

Every person has a unique set of strengths, weaknesses, experiences and viewpoints. It is crucial to manage your employees based on their individuality instead of focusing on a traditional mode of work, which may not highlight their potential. A great way to recognize individuality can be through the Rush-A-Way Challenge, which will end up categorizing team members into distinct roles, in addition to learning how to cooperate and communicate effectively to achieve a set objective. By doing this, individuals will be able to recognize the role that suits them best, while also improving their existing skill-set. Hence, it is best to steer away from overgeneralized viewpoints of a typical employee and instead invest in activities that will allow the manager to recognize an employee’s unique attributes.

2. Recognize Strengths

Focus on your employees’ strengths and look for ways you can maximize these. Strength-based management fosters growth in the areas where workers are most talented. Gallup research indicates that when supervisors focus on employee strengths, just 1% are actively disengaged. When a supervisor focuses on weaknesses, disengagement jumps to 22%. The same Gallup research indicates that focusing on strengths improves employees’ overall well-being. Worry and stress decrease as employees spend more time on activities that utilize their talents.  To make the process of recognition of strengths more effective, it is greatly advised by specialists to have investments in team building events, irrespective of the work mode your team resides in. By highlighting individual strengths as well as making room for them to align in a team building setting not only builds the overall team rapport, but it also greatly benefits the team member to recognize their strongest skill set to be able to utilize it during any regular working day. Take a look at the wide range of team building activities you can choose from at the Rush-A-Way page to take complete advantage of energizing team building sessions! To summarize, many employees don’t know their strengths. Providing a strengths assessment through engaging in team building activities is beneficial for both the manager and the worker as both parties will gain valuable insight through team building sessions. 


It is crucial to create a flexible workplace so employees can manage their time and activities in ways that suit their individual work styles. Allow workers the option to set their own hours and choose whether they will work from home or in the office. Those whose work style benefits from a social environment can pursue a situation that provides ample interaction. Employees with a solitary work style can spend more time working remotely. Team building sessions which include icebreaker activities can be a great way to communicate preferences regarding flexibility within workspaces and understanding the reasons behind certain requirements or suggestions! Rush-A-Way has a successful history in organizing team building activities that cater to each company’s individual set of requirements that target their set objectives. Rush-A-Way’s team building activities are accessible from anywhere across the globe- from hybrid team building and virtual team building activities to on-ground team building activities across the UAE, in hotspots such as Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi 

4.Personal Goals

A great way to encourage team members to set goals is to initially set goals for your department and task employees with setting their own milestones. This allows each worker to craft a workflow that suits their personal style. As the manager of the department, you can still check in with your employees to make sure they’re making progress. Through team building activities, which allow team members to be present on a platform which allows them to communicate in a comfortable atmosphere, you can also encourage employees to communicate their needs for each project so you can offer proactive solutions. Furthermore. tailor each individual’s training and coaching toward his or her needs rather than put all employees through the same program. In this way, team building activities can motivate team members to take charge and set measurable goals, in addition to having a rewarding experience.


In conclusion, working with employees that bring in diverse skill sets and experiences to the team will equip you to tackle more complex projects and remain competitive in your industry. Utilize the strengths in different work styles to naturally mitigate the impact of any weaknesses that your employees have. With a mindful approach to your management style, you can supervise different work styles effectively while getting the best possible performance from each team member. Proper identification of different working styles is possible through encouraging team bonding sessions organized by trained professionals such as Rush-A-Way, allowing your team to prosper and reach their utmost potential.  
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