A Guide to Tackle Employee Burnout

A Guide to Tackle Employee Burnout

Employees often deal with serious burnout periods which are caused due to a number of factors in their daily work environment and the World Health Organization defines burnout as the result of chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully addressed. 

To tackle the widespread issue of employee burnout, Rush-A-Way has compiled a brief guide on tackling employee burnout in the best way possible through the points mentioned below:

Workplace Well-Being

In the post-pandemic era where face-to-face interactions are no longer prevalent among remote teams, employees may feel a sense of isolation from the team. Employers must take decisive actions to prevent this from happening and the easiest way to work around this is to invest in budget-friendly and quality team building activities curated by well-versed professionals.

 The Rush-A-Way has curated a multitude of team building activities all over the world, ranging from remote team building activities to in-person team building activities in UAE, across emirates such as Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. 

By providing team members with a platform to work together to achieve a common objective in an energetic and encouraging environment, it becomes a great stress reliever for team members, while boosting their overall productivity when working as a team. This creates a win-win situation for both the company and the employees working for the company’s team.

Promote Healthy Competition

The number one method to tackle employee burnout is a change of scenery through encouraging active participation in light-hearted and healthy team building activities which are specially designed to reduce employee burnout and create a sense of collectively working together as a team to win a particular challenge. 

The Rush-A-Way Challenge is a great example of this exercise, as it provides team members with the right amount of competition, in addition to providing a synergic environment which is great to recharge a team after a hectic work schedule. Rush-A-Way consists of well-versed professionals that formulate team building activities for teams adopting any work model. From remote team building activities to hybrid team building activities, there is a wide variety of exciting team building activities to choose from that can promote a sense of belonging and boost team spirits within any corporate team! 

Team Building Retreats

A team building session dedicated to relieve stress is the answer to any employee burnout experienced within a team. It not only showcases the essence of working as a team, but it also brings in a surge of motivation to succeed as a team which is exactly what drives employees to effectively work within a team. Through carefully curated team building activities which include fun and exciting team building challenges, team members are able to stay motivated and work in harmony to achieve a set objective and reap the rewards of teamwork through a memorable celebration after the team building challenges are over. 

Rush-A-Way is the choice of over 300 corporate clients which include a significant number of Fortune 500 companies, demonstrating that we are a one-stop-shop for team building in the region.


It is crucial to consistently invest in employee wellness through engaging team building activities which are a perfect balance between improving team skills and an outlet to rejuvenate as a team. However, what’s more important is being able to pick a team building company that understands the need to tackle employee burnout and is able to deliver the requirements set by your company to handle the team burnout.  With Rush-A-Way being listed as one of the Top 10 Corporate Team Building Companies in Asia 2022, your team will be in good hands to participate in stimulating team building activities from anywhere in the world! 
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