5 Tips for New Team Leaders

5 Tips for New Team Leaders

A great team leader can be the difference between a high-performing team and an ineffective one. A team leader’s ability to motivate, inspire, guide and coach their teams can impact everything- from employee engagement and development to retention and productivity. 

However, if you’re just starting out as a team leader, Rush-A-Way is here to share top-notch tips that will steer you in the right direction. We have compiled a list of 5 useful tips that will benefit you tremendously:

Interpersonal Communication

The best proven method to truly getting to know your team is to invest time and effort into icebreaker sessions! The reason why this is the first and most important step is because, getting to know who you’re working with is the first step to bonding with the team and establishing their respect and trust. Furthermore, strong companies are fueled by teams that have enviable levels of camaraderie. 

With active participation in Rush-A-Way’s vast range of thrilling icebreaker activities, you will be able to inculcate team bonding within your team, which will prove to be extremely beneficial to your team. Moreover, your interpersonal communication skills will show a drastic improvement, in addition to boosting your team’s efficiency.

Consistent Motivation

The best leaders drive their team forward with enthusiasm, inspiration and motivation. Invest time in the people you lead to determine their strengths, shortcomings and priorities.

Show your team how capable they are of achieving any objective they set their mind to, with the help of the Rush-A-Way Corporate Challenge, designed to motivate teams through igniting their team spirit by allowing them to participate in a dynamic environment designed to bring in a surge of motivation! 

Rush-A-Way is known to emphasize the importance of continually motivating teams all over the world, through online team building activities and hybrid team building sessions, in addition to on-ground team building activities in Dubai and all over UAE, especially in prominent hotspots located in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah!

Encourage Creativity

Strategies that require thinking outside the box are one of the superlative methods of conflict-resolution within a team. As a team leader, it is of prime importance to bring team members together, in an environment that encourages this practice.

For instance, Rush-A-Way’s team building sessions which can be accessed through any part of the world, prove to be an ideal environment for team building activities that require strategic and analytical thinking in a time-bound yet stress-free environment! One of our extremely well-received challenges include the Scavenger Hunt, which allows team members to collaborate effectively and have a quick-thinking approach.


One of the most difficult obstacles leaders face is unifying their team around a common purpose and driving cooperation. Reaching a common goal through engaging team building activities provided by Rush-A-Way, allows your team to bond over a shared success! Hence, setting clear, measurable goals help teams work together and when they achieve their objective, helps them bond over a shared success. 

Growth Mindset

Team leaders who exhibit a growth mindset help their team members welcome challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. However, a growth mindset can only be instilled within a team through repeatedly working around completing challenging tasks.

Rush-A-Way has always promoted this mindset and encourages team members to strive towards success through virtual team building activities, hybrid team building activities and team building all over UAE in the form of various team building activities such as the Amazing Race and the Black Box Challenge! In essence, Rush-A-Way’s team building sessions help the participating teams feel comfortable taking risks, while encouraging them to make the effort to improve drastically.


Leading a team is often challenging but frequently rewarding when the right skills and resources are put to use. One of the most beneficial tools for building an effective team are team building activities. Rush-A-Way’s team building activities provide the right platform to practice skills such as effective communication, innovative thinking, while putting your leadership skills to the test in an enjoyable environment.

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