4 Skill-Building Activities to Upskill your Team.

4 Skill-Building Activities to Upskill your Team.

Training employees is essential for company growth. It’s not a secret that skilled workers bring in the most value to the business and constant training is key in the development of these talents. But which are the best training presentation topics for your team? And how to deliver them efficiently in your corporate team building activities program? You can find the answer to these questions in the points mentioned below:

1. Time Management

This skill of time management is something that everyone in the company can benefit from – independent of their role. From the time-blocking method to the Impact Effort Matrix, there are countless techniques and tools you can share in a time management and productivity training program. Rush-A-Way provides great tools to build this particular skill, in addition to multiple other skills that will significantly benefit your team.

Through exhilarating team building activities, your team will be equipped with learning time management in the best way possible by active participation in time-based challenges. Our offerings can be accessed through any part of the world, in the form of Virtual Team Building Activities and on-ground corporate team building activities in Dubai and all over the UAE and in emirates such as Sharjah and Abu Dhabi

2. Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

Peer-to-peer mentoring is one of the best ways to upskill a team of professionals, especially if varying skill levels and levels of expertise are present on the team. Mentoring team members through healthy competitive challenges organized by the Rush-A-Way is an ideal technique to make room for joint learning and growing one’s skillset in a stress-free environment. Our offerings suit teams of any size and work modes, as we offer team building sessions through online team building activities, hybrid team building sessions and on-ground team building events all over the UAE.

The knowledge being shared will be specific to your corporate team, as Rush-A-Way successfully targets company objectives, which is another added benefit for team building.

3. Microlearning

Bite-sized learning, in some cases, maybe more approachable and accessible for the busy people working hard to support your company. Team building activities which target team skills such as communication, efficiency and strategizing are going to provide an equal opportunity for all team members to expand their knowledge on the topic of team building, in addition to receiving a much-needed boost of motivation through a team building retreat

4. Continuous Learning Culture

Taking a few hours out of the usual working day to engage in team building activities sessions which cater to your company’s specific needs promotes a healthy learning culture within your team, as Rush-A-Way’s team building sessions are creatively conceptualized to target the key elements of teamwork. Rush-A-Way imparts both virtual team building activities as well team building activities in dubai and all over the UAE and in emirates such as Sharjah and Abu Dhabi Investing in such team building activities greatly benefits the entire team, while also being of great individual value to team members. Furthermore, investing time and effort in virtual team building activities can prove to be a great experience for all team members. Not only will team members become familiarized with different skill-sets, they will also be able to perform more efficiently as the training sessions progress. These training sessions can be conducted over various online platforms which allow team members to connect virtually and be part of a continuous learning environment. A good time-frame to have recurring online training sessions could be on a monthly basis, wherein the trainers could undertake a new skill to develop per month.


Upskilling your team is a constant learning process which requires regular check-ins with the team. It not only positively impacts your team’s performance in the corporate realm, but it also makes room for thoughtful personal development for each team member present.

So, allow the spirit of self-improvement to take root and guide your team to bigger and better objectives through our extraordinary team building activities which are easily accessible to all corporate companies!

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