Our Inception

It started with one question in 2015 – How can we offer unique concepts that help build stronger bonds through experiential challenges? At Rush-A-Way, we are a one-stop-shop for Group Activities and Virtual Team Building Activities. We believe in MAXIMIZING the UNIQUE and MINIMIZING the ORDINARY. We pride ourselves in being the facilitators of engaging and unique experiences. Over the years, we have established valuable relationships with multiple corporates in varying industry landscapes – using our innovative Virtual Team Building Activities and Corporate Team Building Activities.


Our Achievements

Since our inception, we have won various awards including Best Virtual Team Building Provider - MEA Business Awards, 2020. Our events have been selected in the Top 5 at the MEES awards from 2017 through 2020 in multiple categories - Best Budget Event, Outstanding Brand Activation & Best Sporting Event.

Our Clients

We have worked with over 200 corporate companies, many of who are returning clients and Fortune 500 Companies including - SAP, HP, Estée Lauder and GSK.

Our Global Reach

We have delivered our Virtual Team Building events in various regions including - the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia, reaching over 25 countries around the world.

Our Mission

At Rush-A-Way, we are committed to guiding teams towards establishing stronger bonds that translate to higher collaboration, communication, efficiency and productivity.With our high-spirited technology fueled activities, we aim for our participants in both groups and corporate teams to engage in team collaboration and ignite team spirit amongst each other.We strive for our unique offerings ranging from virtual team building activities and treasure hunts, to help boost overall team productivity and performance that is sustainable for the long-term, and that can be practiced in corporate environments! Our values shadow what we believe in – MAXIMIZING the UNIQUE and MINIMIZING the ORDINARY.With Rush-A-Way, YOU have the opportunity to develop your collaboration skills and the ability to think critically and take strategic decisions as a united team. Our experiential challenges, be it virtually, in one or multiple locations – spark your time management skills in terms of delivering according to schedule, but more importantly feeling confident about what you deliver AS A TEAM. In essence, choosing Rush-A-Way will help you flourish not just as an individual, but together as a team!

The Rush-A-Way Challenge

The Rush-A-Way challenge is a unique high-energy concept that can be customized for not just team building, but outdoor, indoor and virtual Rush-A-Way Challenges. These challenges are curated for groups of 20 or larger and span across Dubai - virtually or just in one location. Our games and activities are ideal for brand activation, destination marketing, and uniting team bonds through pure fun.

The Objective

All participants in their teams will compete in a series of high-spirited challenges, while improving their communication and team collaboration abilities.

The Challenges

The teams earn points at the end of each challenge. Each challenge is designed in a manner that calls for speed, logic, critical thinking and most importantly - teamwork.

The Winner

The team with the overall highest points is titled the winner!

Our Offerings

Award-winning Team Building Activities

Our team-building activities are designed to increase workplace performance and employee engagement. At Rush-A-Way, we push our clients to participate in out-of-the-box activities that are thought provoking, require team collaboration and time management. With our team building activities we strive to encourage our clients to carry-on these valuable practices in the long-term.

Virtual Team Building activities

With today’s corporate world transitioning towards a digital environment, building team connections can be a challenge. With Rush-A-Way, clients have the unique opportunity to participate in online games and activities while interacting with teammates either from the office, home or another country - uniting various employee dynamics and introducing a new virtual lens to corporate team building activities!

Group Activities

Our offerings can be customized in the formats of Scavenger Hunts, Treasure Hunts and Amazing Races that take place across Dubai, or even just in one location. Our group activities allow for team collaboration and critical thinking, which are integral for a happy and energetic working environment.

You may know us from

You may know us from