About Us


It started with one question in 2015: How can we make our weekends fun-filled in Dubai? We believe in MAXIMIZING the UNIQUE and MINIMIZING the ORDINARY. Also, we pride ourselves in being the facilitators of thrilling and nail-biting experiences.


Rush-A-Way creates experiential, adventurous and memorable moments through the medium of mental abilities, physical fitness, navigational skills, and teamwork. We cater to individuals and organizations, from fun-filled recreational tasks to a new spin on traditional corporate training. Step out of your comfort zone and experience a personalized version of the Amazing Race, a Scavenger hunt and more, with Rush-A-Way!

The Rush-A-Way Challenge

Move over Netflix & Chill, we’re the ultimate weekend goals in Dubai!
Rush-A-Way is a one-of-a-kind adrenaline spiked race, where competing teams are faced with exciting challenges, and they have to battle it out to the finish line.


The Objective

A team comprising of 2 – 4 members, will navigate through unique challenges set up around Dubai. Get-Set-RUSH



The challenges are designed to test participants on their speed, logical reasoning, perseverance, quick thinking and teamwork.


The Winner

The team that finishes the challenge with maximum points, will be awarded with the glorious title and grand prize.

Group Activities

  • ○ Public Events
  • ○ Mini Rush-A-Way

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Corporate Activities

  • ○ Team Building
  • ○ Corporate Challenge

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