Team Building in the Post-Pandemic Era

Team Building in the Post-Pandemic Era

In the post-pandemic era, the future of corporate workplaces is hybrid. In a recent survey of 800 workplace leaders, 77% stated that their company has adopted a hybrid working model. This has occurred purely due to the fact that upcoming companies and corporations have had the chance to hire individuals for remote work, thus expanding their brand globally. 

So, how can you ensure that employees spread across the globe stay connected? 

Your solution lies in the professionally curated hybrid team building sessions hosted by trusted professionals like Rush-A-Way. We have emphasized the importance of hybrid team building in the following points: 

Improved Collaboration

Many companies are better positioned to achieve true innovation if their employees can collaborate together on the same platform. This may seem extremely difficult considering hybrid work models can range from working remotely and going on-site for a few days, or simply having a number of remote working employees scattered across the globe. 

However, it is actually quite convenient to have the whole team collaborate effectively if they receive the right training for it. For instance, the Rush-A-Way challenge has worked wonders for hybrid teams in the post-pandemic era, as it consists of well-versed challenges that can be accessed by hybrid teams of any size.

Increased Productivity

Productivity arises from three sources: greater flexibility, increased focus while working and reduced absenteeism. Hybrid team building offers team members to receive opportunities to grasp these sources in a stress-free environment. 

Trusted by over 300 corporate clients which include multiple Fortune 500 companies, Rush-A-Way is a one-stop-shop to practice skills that are essential to work in a hybrid work model. 

When team members work together to complete team building challenges, their productivity as a team reaches new heights. The reason behind this is that teams are aware that these challenges have no serious repercussions, allowing them to compete in a light-hearted environment, which in turn boosts team morale and productivity.

Diversity Inclusive

One way the hybrid work model impacts diversity is by enabling your company to have people work together across languages, countries, and time zones.

A diverse team is a huge asset to any company. Which is why, it is imperative that necessary measures are taken in account to bring your team to its full potential. Rush-A-Way’s Hybrid team building activities are the perfect solution to keep hybrid teams lively, be it hybrid work models adopted in the UAE, including emirates such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, or hybrid teams spread across different countries. 

Whether you are looking for a virtual team-building session, networking, or corporate social responsibility program, hybrid team building activities curated by Rush-A-Way are the best solution for a hassle-free meetup.

Fostering Alignment

It is of great importance for team members responsible for outcomes to understand how they fit into the big picture– how their individual efforts contribute to strategic goals.  

For this very reason, alignment within a team, especially in hybrid work models that have limited modes of communication, is crucial. 

The only way to practice the habit of regular alignment is to participate in hybrid team building activities with trusted professionals such as Rush-A-Way, since we offer a multitude of benefits that can aid any hybrid team! We have received positive feedback from teams that have found working in hybrid team models much more effective after participating in the Rush-A-Way Challenge. 

Proactive Teamwork

A team which has adapted and perfected the skill of proactivity reaps great rewards. Proactive behavior in a team is the ability of each team member to take initiative to suggest innovative solutions to modern conflicts the team may face. Through timed challenges, such as the Scavenger Hunt, which is one of Rush-A-Way’s most famous hybrid team building activities, proactivity can be obtained. 

When teams are faced with a team building challenge that allows them to come together and strategize, they automatically handle the situation proactively with the objective of being the number one team. Not only do Rush-A-Way’s hybrid team building activities uplift spirits, they also provide the ideal team bonding platform to perfect any skill, including one of the essentials, which is pro-activity. 


In order to have a fully functional hybrid team, it requires the right resources, technology and skills. For this reason, we highly recommend corporates to invest in budget-friendly hybrid team building activities that prove to be beneficial to every aspect of your team. Encourage your team members to think out-of-the-box and collaborate, which will allow them to understand how successful they can be as a team once they work together effectively. Rush-A-Way is an award-winning team building company which suits your needs, no matter how vast your hybrid team is.

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