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100 Teams, 7 Challenges, Grand Prize - Mercedes-Benz SUV

Gargash is back with the seventh season of the Mercedes-Benz Challenge on Friday, November 2nd 2018. 100 contesting teams of 2 - 4 members, will drive around the city in a Mercedes-Benz, tackling 7 unique challenges. In their endeavor, teams will test their mental and physical fitness, quick thinking and camaraderie, all having a blast to win the Grand Prize, A Mercedes-Benz SUV.

The registration fee is inclusive of participation, breakfast, entertainment and lunch at a 5-star hotel.


Grand Prize

The team with the highest cumulative score at the finish line of the challenges wins A Mercedes-Benz SUV!!


100 Teams, 1 Winner

100 contesting teams of 2 - 4 members will drive around the city to tackle 7 unique challenges and the winner takes A Mercedes-Benz SUV.


A Race Like No Other

Get ready to explore Dubai with your buddies in a unique way. Limited Spots available. Sign up to hear back from us.


7 Unique Challenges

7 unconventional challenges will be set up around Dubai. Each designed to test your physical and mental capabilities to the max! 

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