Event Overview

The Mercedes-Benz Challenge that took place on 2nd November 2018 was a massive hit! 100 teams cruised around 7 locations and conquered 7 challenges in their stylish Mercedes-Benz cars.
In their endeavor, teams were tested on their mental and physical fitness, quick thinking and camaraderie, all while having a blast!

The challenges were of different genres and tested the participants on a variety of skill sets. The challenges this season included cycling, paddle-boarding, football, parkour, wheel barrow, jumble and tyre’d.

The participants aced all the challenges but towards the end only one team won The Grand Prize – The Mercedes-Benz SUV.

Event Participant Positions

Position Team Name Team # Score
1 Desert Danes 35 5552
2 Team No Name 34 5484
3 Os macacos 77 5448
4 EWI 20 5397
Position Team Name Team # Score
5 3-way split 15 5373
6 Wheres my car 51 5330
7 Unanimity 16 5225
8 IAM 81 5222