Rush-A-Way Challenge

Event Overview

Get ready for an amazing adventure around Dubai.
The Rush-A-Way Challenge is back and its time to team up with your friends to conquer 7 ‘Fantabulous’ challenges and stand a chance to win the GRAND PRIZE worth of AED 10,000.

How it Works:
In this unique adventure, 100 teams of 3-4 members will compete and face 7 challenges of various genres set up around the city. Teams earn points at each challenge, based on the time taken to complete it. The top team with highest points at the finish line, will win the GRAND PRIZE worth of AED 10,000 and bragging rights!
In their endeavor, teams will be tested on different aspects of life skills like stamina, strategy, quick thinking, speed and navigation skills.

Regular Registrations are for AED 149 per head only for limited spots. Prices rise from 14th April or until spots last.


Decoding the Event

Each team, of 3-4 members, will face 7 challenges spread across Dubai. Teams need to complete each challenge in the shortest time possible in order to earn maximum points at each challenge.

Decoding the Event


Decoding the 7 Challenges

The 7 challenges are not revealed before the event, so get ready to face the unknown. Each challenge is designed to test teams on a variety of skill sets like stamina, logic, teamwork, navigation skills and quick thinking. Check our previous event videos to learn more about the kind of challenges.

Decoding the 7 Challenges


The Grand Prize Winner

At each challenge, teams earn points based on the time taken to complete the challenge successfully. The team with the highest cumulative score at the finish line wins the Grand Prize worth AED 10,000!

The Grand Prize Winner


Form your "A Team"

A perfect team is one with members of complementing strengths and temperaments. Since each team needs 3 to 4 members, recruit your team from your closest friends and family.

Team details are not required at time of registration, so you can confirm your spot early, to make the most of offer prices.

Form your "A Team"

About the Challenge

  • How Does the Challenge Work?

    The contesting teams will be led to various locations around Dubai, to face 7 unique challenges that are set up for them. At each location, teams earn points based on how fast they complete the challenge. The teams that do not finish the challenge in the given time, receive a penalty but can continue the race. The team with the highest cumulative score at the finish line wins the Grand Prize and Bragging Rights!

    Each Team needs one car to travel between challenge locations and a smartphone with a basic internet connection to receive their challenge locations from our app. Teams are free to use GPS or any apps, to navigate between locations.

  • What are the different challenges?

    Well, that information is classified… Our challenges are not revealed in advance, but none of them are extreme and each one helps you discover a unique experience and sometimes even a new side of youself.
    The 7 challenges are of different genres, each designed to test the teams on various life skills like quick thinking, fitness, stamina, working under pressure and team-work. Some of our past challenges included stand-up paddle-boarding, archery, go-karting, calisthenics & parkour, escape games and even sushi making. Check out our previous challenge videos, to learn more about our past challenges. Though do not expect the same challenges to be featured. Each event has new sets of challenges, helping you discover new experiences in your city.

    And remember, whatever we make you do – make sure you RUSHHHHH.

  • What is Rush-A-Way app?

    Rush-A-Way app is our web-interface which helps the teams receive all the information during the RACE, including all challenge details, challenge locations, scores and even the vouchers from our partners.

    The App does not need to be downloaded and can be accessed from our website. Teams need to use their login email id and password that they create during the registration process.

    Teams need to sign into the Rush-A-Way web app before the event kicks off in order to receive location details.

  • What is the registration fee & what is included?

    A total of 100 team spots are available for this event. Since team details are not needed at the time of booking, we suggest booking early, to ensure a spot and to avoid paying more.

    The registrations are open, and fees are as follows:

    Regular Registration (17th March – 18th April 2019)

    Team of 3 Members: AED 447

    Team of 4 Members: AED 596

    The above fees are exclusive of (+5% VAT + 5% convenience fee )

  • How do I prepare for the Event?

    Keep in mind some simple tips for the day of the challenge:

    1. Get familiar with all the rules of the race before the event kickoff.
    2. Report on time at the starting point.
    3. Wear comfortable clothes & shoes, carry a cap, sunscreen lotion, drinking water & a towel.
    4. Teamwork and communication  play an important role in your performance. So get to know your team members well.
    5. Make sure your smartphones are charged. Keep a car charger handy while moving between locations or carry a power bank to keep your phone charged.
    6. Make sure to fuel up your car in advance.
  • How to form a Team?

    Try forming a team with complementing strengths to increase your chances at winning. Keep the following rules in mind when forming your team

    • Team size can be a between 3 or 4 members
    • All team members must be minimum 16 years old.
    • The team member who is driving must have a valid UAE Driving License.
    • Each team must have atleast 1 smartphone with 3G/4G connection to connect to the Rush-A-Way web app
    • Each team must have 1 Car to commute between challenges
    • Each challenge can be performed by either 2 or 3 members in a team.
  • Who is the Team Anchor?

    The person who books the ticket, by default becomes the Team Anchor.

    • This person becomes our main point of contact for that team for the event and will receive all communication from us.
    • The team anchor is responsible for completing our online registration process and updating the details of the team.



  • The Event Agenda
    • The reporting location details will be sent via e-mail to all team members. It will also be updated on our website two weeks prior to the challenge day.

    Here is the Challenge Schedule:

    8:15 AM – Registration

    9:00 AM   – Challenge Briefing

    9:20 AM – Challenge kick-off

    15:00 PM – Event Finale and Prize Distribution

  • What is the GRAND PRIZE?

    The GRAND PRIZE is worth AED 10,000, where AED 5,000 will be in the form of cash and AED 5,000 will be in the form of vouchers.

Highlights from a Previous Challenge

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