BNI Inter-Chapter Challenge

Event Overview

Get Ready for an Amazing Social with The Crazy Inter Chapter Challenge powered by Rush-A-Way taking place on Saturday afternoon, 6th July 2019!

An exclusive members only event, participants from 6 BNI chapters, can look forward to strengthening cross chapter bonds and working with teams they can do business with.

In this exhilarating adventure around Dubai, cross chapter teams will work together to win the coveted title. In their endeavor, each team will set out to conquer 8 unique and fun challenges set at BNI Member locations.

The registration fee of AED 100 is inclusive of Participation, Branded T-shirts and Lunch.

Confirm your spot with your chapter's Event Coordinator.


Decoding the Event

Each team will constitute 5 members, who will work their way up the challenges. A total of 8 challenges await the participants. Teams earn points at each challenge based on time of task completion.

Decoding the Event


Decoding the Challenges

The challenges are designed to test participants on a variety of skill-sets like speed, logic, stamina, quick thinking, perseverance and most importantly, teamwork. So if you’re a jack of all trades, this is your chance to thrive.

Decoding the Challenges


Event Benefits

Increase interactions among Chapters

Break Boundaries and strengthen bonds

Work with teams you can potentially do business with

Have FUN!

Event Benefits


Participating Chapters

The chapters participating are:

– BNI Insomniacs
– BNI Gazelles
– BNI Champions
– BNI Continental
– BNI Warriors
– BNI Dynamite

Participating Chapters

About the Challenge

  • How does the challenge work?

    The contesting teams will navigate through 8 unique challenges. After each challenge, teams will earn points based on how fast they complete it. The team that completes all challenges and scores the highest points at the finish line wins the Grand Title!

    During the challenge, teams will log-in to the Rush-A-Way web app on their smart phones as all challenge details, time-keeping and scores will be communicated through it.

    Teams are free to use GPS or access the internet to navigate between locations.

  • What are the different challenges?

    The challenge details are not revealed in advance however all 8 challenges will be taking place at BNI Member locations:

    M2M, Brownie Point, Qcon, Excel Engineering, Panacea, Dasani Jewellers, Arabian Business Centre.

    Each challenge is designed to help you strengthen team bonds while helping you get an understanding of the member location’s business.

    The Challenges are not difficult and would test you on various skills like quick thinking, strategy, communication and team-work.

  • What is the participation criteria?

    All participants need to be members of any one of the 6 participating BNI chapters.

  • What is the registration fee & what is included?

    Registration fee is AED 100 per person.

    Apart from participation, the team registration fee also includes:

    • Light Lunch
    • T-Shirts and
    • Chance to win the Grand Title.
  • The Event Agenda

    Challenge Schedule:

    • 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm – Lunch & Briefing
    • 1:30 pm to 6:30 pm – The Inter Chapter Challenge
    • 6:30 pm onwards – Prize Distribution Ceremony

    The Reporting location is Yugo Sushi, Emaar Business Park.

  • How do I prepare for the Event?

    Keep in mind some simple tips for the day of the challenge:

    • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Report on time at the starting point.
    • Make sure your smartphones are charged as the teams need to log into the challenge web app to receive the location and challenge instructions. You could also carry a power bank with you.
    • Teamwork and communication with your teammates play an important role in your performance. Hence get to know your team members before the challenge.
  • How do I form a team?

    The event coordinators will form the cross chapter teams and communicate your team allotment prior to the event.

Here is a sneak-peak of whats in store!

Challenge Partners