Arabian Gazelles Rush-A-Way Challenge

Event Overview

50 Teams will compete to win the Grand Prize by conquering 6 challenges in style across Dubai in their Supercars!

The Arabian Gazelles Rush-A-Way Challenge is an exhilarating adventure around Dubai, taking place on Saturday, 27th April 2019. Contesting teams of 2 members each with at least 1 woman per team will drive around the city in a Supercar tackling 6 unique indoor challenges.

In their endeavor, teams will test their mental and physical fitness, quick thinking and camaraderie all while having a blast!

The registration fee is inclusive of Participation, Priceless Experience, Goodie Bag, Food & Beverage. Early Bird Offer starts at AED 1200 per team!


Decoding the Event

Each team will constitute 2 members, who will work their way up the task-list. A total of 6 challenges await the participants, who will earn points on each challenge based on time of task completion. Each task is designed to test the teams on their navigation skills, communication, physical endurance and quick thinking.

Decoding the Event


Decoding the 6 Challenges

The challenges are designed to test participants on a variety of skill-sets like speed, logic, fitness, accuracy, perseverance and most importantly, teamwork. So if you’re a jack of all trades, this is your chance to thrive. The 6 challenges are not revealed before the event.

Decoding the 6 Challenges


The Grand Prize

At each challenge, teams earn points based on the time taken to complete the challenge successfully. The team with the highest cumulative score at the finish line wins the Grand Prize!!

The Grand Prize


Form your "A Team"

Can’t wait to join the fun? Neither can we! Pick a team of 2 members with both participants above the age of 18 years and at least one woman member. It is mandatory for the teams to drive a Supercar during the event in order to be eligible to participate. Team details are not required at time of registration, so ensure your spot and register your team NOW.

Form your "A Team"

About the Challenge

  • How does the challenge work?

    The contesting teams will navigate through 6 unique indoor challenges. After each challenge, teams will earn points based on how fast they complete it. The team that completes all challenges and scores the highest points at the finish line wins the Grand Prize!

    All challenge details, location clues, time-keeping and other communication during the challenge will be through the Rush-A-Way interface. The team members can access from the Rush-A-Way website, through their smart phones.

    Teams are free to use GPS or access the internet to navigate between locations.

  • What are the different challenges?

    Well, that information is classified…

    Our challenges are not revealed in advance but none of them are extreme and each one helps you discover a unique experience and sometimes even a new side of you. The 6 challenges are of different genre, each designed to test the teams on various life skills like quick thinking, fitness, stamina, working under pressure and team-work.

    Some of our past challenges included stand-up paddle-boarding, archery, go-karting, calisthenics & parkour and escape games.

  • What is the participation criteria?
    1. Each team needs to have 2 members with at least one woman in the team. Rushers have to form their own team before registration. Registration for solo participants is not available.
    2. The contesting team need to participate with a Supercar, to travel between challenge locations. Teams are free to borrow from family and friends.
    3. Each participant must be 18 years or older. The driving member of the team needs a valid driving license for U.A.E.
    4. Teams need at least one smart phone with 3G/4G connection.
  • What is the registration fee & what is included?

    Various registration categories are available until the event day. Due to limited spots, categories generally get sold out prior to their last date. Since team details are not needed at the time of booking. We suggest booking early to ensure a spot and to avoid paying more.

    Currently the Early Bird Registrations are open, and fees are: AED 1200 per team.

    The above fees are inclusive of all Taxes.

    Apart from participation of 2 team members, the team registration fee also includes:

    1. Priceless Experience
    2. Food & Beverage
    3. Goodie Bag

    Chance to win the Grand Prize

  • The Event Agenda

    The Arabian Gazelles Rush-A-Way Challenge Schedule:

    • 12.00 pm to 12.30 pm – Registration
    • 12.30 pm to 01.00 pm – Challenge Briefing
    • 01.00 pm – Challenge Kick-off
    • 05.30 pm onward – Cocktail Reception and Prize Giving Ceremony
    • Details about the starting location: The starting location will be sent via e-mail to all participants. It will also be updated on our website two weeks prior to the challenge day.

  • How do I prepare for the Event?

    Keep in mind some simple tips for the day of the challenge:

    • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Report on time at the starting point.
    • Make sure your smartphones are charged. Your smartphones assist you during the challenges and are also required for receiving all location and challenge instructions. You could also use a phone charger in your car or carry a power bank with you to keep your phone charged.
    • Make sure to fuel up your Supercar in advance.
    • Teamwork and communication with your teammates play an important role in your performance. So choose your team members wisely.
    • Read the clues closely before starting a task. Don’t worry if you take longer time on some tasks. You can always catch up on the other tasks.
  • What is included in the Grand Prize?

    VIP packages by MICHELIN: Experience at the world re-known Goodwood festival of speed (Business tickets, Transfers, Hotel Stay, Helicopter ride, Gourmet all day dining, exclusive access to track side pavilion and hospitality lounges).

    VIP packages by ROGER DUBUIS: Tickets and Experience for Abu Dhabi F1.

  • Which Supercars are allowed?

    All Lamborghinis including Urus 4×4, all McLarens, all Ferraris, all Aston Martins, all Rolls Royce , Porsche models 911’s Turbo and GT3, GT2 and Mercedes AMG’s GT range, Gwagons, All Bentley including Bentayga 4×4, Audi R8

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