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We have organized team building activities with over 300 corporate companies, many of who are returning clients. Our clients include Fortune 500 Companies

Corporate Team

Building Activities

At Rush-A-Way, we offer our clients and participants award-winning team building activities across the UAE, including emirates such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, while also expanding globally, through Virtual team building activities and Hybrid Team Building activities, which have helped over 300 organizations. Our corporate team-building activities in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah are specifically designed to increase workplace efficiency.

Effective team building activities in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have fantastic long-term benefits including – optimal team performance and increased employee productivity. At Rush-A-Way, we challenge the norms of team building activities in dubai as our focus is to enhance valuable team skills such as communication, problem-solving, time management and communication. We work as a partner to our clients in order to improve workplace culture, and boost team productivity and morale!

We are an award winning

Team Building Company!

We are one of the top team-building companies in Dubai with multiple awards for our fun, unique, and engaging concepts. Contact us to learn more!


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Corporate Team Building Case Studies

We apply the unique Rush-A-Way Challenge concept to create engaging team-building activities and corporate events. Check out our client diaries below :

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Google Rush-A-Way Challenge

Rush-A-Way Challenge for 30 participants

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Saudia Rush-A-Way Challenge

Rush-A-Way Challenge for 250 participants

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VISA Rush-A-Way Challenge

Rush-A-Way Challenge for 110 participants

Client Testimonials

We believe that the satisfaction of our clients is the driving force behind our success. Our clients have shared their gratitude for the fun and unforgettable experiences we have provided, and the positive effects it has had on their teams. Here’s what they had to say.

The HSBC MENAT Graduate Induction 2022 culminated with a bang! Thanks to the Rush-A-Way's team building activities underpinned by core skills , the team were energized & motivated to succeed.

Our first Rush-A-Way Challenge bonded our team members from MENA and Ireland. The games were diverse, unique and very engaging.

Our HRSS team was super energized by the Rush-A-Way session planned in under 10 days! The bar has been raised higher and we look forward to the next.

Our Rush-A-Way Virtual was excellently organized. Team spirit was activated with the diverse challenges. Leadership was exhibited and we discovered some valuable hidden talents. It was more than great fun!

The event was incredible, we had so much fun! The team was high-spirited throughout the challenges. Working together and discovering each others' potential and talent was amazing. Building trust within teams was a huge win for us.

As HP, we couldn't have had a better collaborator with us...The enthusiasm and agility to adapt of your team is amazing. The great spirit is contagious, the challenges are super creative.

We entrusted Rush-A-Way with planning a fun session for our GCC Off-Site to celebrate 2022 achievements. The session exceeded our expectations again and we can't wait for the next one!

Thanks again to the Rush-A-Way team for a great couple of days! It was really successful for us, as we achieved what we set out to do – bringing people together in a non-work environment outside of the office

We worked with Rush-A-Way for the second time and their organization was excellent. Our factory teams were energized by the activities. The games were unique and engaging. We recommend them any day.

    Our Approach

    We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality results through a collaborative process that involves empathetic communication between our clients and our execution team! We are committed to providing timely and effective solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations, and always strive to improve and evolve our approach to better meet your needs.


    Customer commitment is our watchword. We understand your objectives with clarity


    We customize unique concepts to suit your participant's needs


    We execute fun and energizing team-building sessions to make your team a happy one

    Benefits of Team Building

    Increased Productivity, Better synergy, Boost in morale....

    These are just some of the benefits that team building has to offer. Conducting regular sessions of effective team building helps team members develope a sense of trust and respect towards each other. Organizations see a shift in culture and imporved morale which in turn leads to better job satisfcation. It also promotes creativity and problem solving skills as teams work together to achieve a common goal. It is a great way for team members to get to know each other on a personal level leading to a positive enviorment.

    Problem Solving






    Your Trusted Partner to Engage Teams

    Rush-A-Way; being an award-winning team building company, is unique in its way where it aims on building activities and challenges that help clients understand the importance of working as a united team. We at Rush-A-Way, understand our clients’ needs and can customize corporate team-building activities in Sharjah & Dubai according to their preferences.

    At Rush-A-Way, we pride ourselves through the fact that we are a one-stop-shop for engaging teams in fun-filled activities, and can help find a perfect venue for the ultimate team-building experience in the UAE or set it up at your preferred location. Not just that, but we will facilitate you with everything that is required

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Got questions? We have answers. Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions for more info.

    The goal for all Team Building Activities is to unite teams in a new light. When teams work together in different environments and are outside of what they are familiar with, they can test new ways of approaching challenges and work efficiently as a team. At Rush-A-Way, we challenge the norms of Team Building Sharjah as our focus is to enhance valuable team skills such as; communication, problem solving, time management and collaboration!

    Corporate team-building events refer to activities and experiences designed to enhance collaboration, communication and camaraderie among employees in a corporate setting. At Rush-A-Way, we specialize in curating unique team-building activities in Dubai that engage and inspire your team.

    The benefits of corporate team-building include improved communication, increased collaboration, enhanced problem-solving skills, stronger team cohesion, higher employee morale and ultimately, improved overall productivity and performance.

    Corporate team-building activities play a pivotal role in enhancing employee engagement. These team-building activities foster camaraderie and collaboration among team members, resulting in increased motivation and productivity.

    Rush-A-Way stands out as the premier choice for corporate team building in the UAE. Since our inception in 2015, we have supported over 400 organizations with effective and high-quality team-building activities. With 3 consecutive years of being awarded the title of the ‘Best Corporate Team Building’ in the UAE and an impressive Client Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 9.7, we have a proven track record of delivering exceptional team-building experiences that foster collaboration and growth. 

    Through a variety of exciting and unique team-bonding offerings, the Rush-A-Way Challenges consist of the following – Online Team-Building sessions, Scavenger Hunts and customized versions of the Amazing Race – all of which can guide organizations towards uplifting their team-morale, thereby building a great work culture!

    Planning corporate team-building activities in UAE with Rush-A-Way is a breeze. Start by reaching out to our expert team who will customize a memorable experience for your company. We offer a diverse range of team-building activities, designed to foster collaboration and boost morale. Whether it’s an adventurous outdoor challenge or a creative indoor workshop, Rush-A-Way has your team-building needs covered. Contact us today to kick-start your team’s journey towards enhanced teamwork and success. 

    We specialize in corporate Team building activity in Dubai and corporate Team building activity in Abu Dhabi.

    The participant limit in our corporate team-building activities can vary depending on the specific activity and the activity objectives. We at Rush-A-Way have conducted activities for groups ranging from 5 participants to 1000 participants hence we can curate an event based on the organizer’s requirements in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any other city across UAE. We also support team-building activities in KSA and other GCC countries.

    If the venue is decided, we need as little as 3 days of lead time. We can organize activities for groups up to 40 people. Bigger groups will need a lead time of 2 weeks ideally – however we have set a record of 12 hours in setting up an event!

    We take into consideration the chosen concept, duration of the event, group size, location and other list of deliverables to give you the best price.

    Engaged and Productive Teams

    Our objective is to infuse a spirit of teamwork – through creative and unconventional challenge-based activities that promote healthy competition and boost team productivity. The Rush-A-Way Team Building Challenges consist of the following: Online Team-Building sessions, Scavenger Hunts and customized versions of numerous Hybrid Team Building Activities – all of which help guide organizations towards building a great working environment.

    We can help you find the perfect venue for Team Building Activities in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah or we can set it up at your office premises. You could also opt for a Virtual Team Building session or choose an Amazing Race-style Team Building Activities in Abu Dhabi that is set around the city – YOU get to choose!

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    Make work a happier place! Contact Rush-A-Way for fun and engaging team-building events in the UAE and KSA, as well as virtual and hybrid activities globally that promote team bonding, enhance creative thinking, and boost workplace productivity!

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