In this nail-biting treasure hunt, your team will solve logical tasks at multiple locations across City Walk.



– Your team will navigate through a number of locations across City Walk
to solve logical challenges, involving an array of puzzles and riddles.
– At each location, your team is given a specified time limit to solve the challenge.
– Your team earns points based on how fast you complete the challenge.
– The team with the highest points each weekend wins the Grand Prize!
– In order to be eligible for the prize, your team will need to complete the treasure hunt by 10 pm on the day of participation.
– To complete the treasure hunt you need to reach the final location toenter the last code.
– Teams are free to access the internet and other apps during the activity.



– At each location, the faster your team solves the challenge, the more
points you earn. For every minute saved from the given time, you earn 60 points.
– If you fail to solve a challenge within the given time, your team gets a penalty of 60 points.
– There are no penalties for entering incorrect answers into the app.
– You can earn points only during the challenge time at the challenge location. No points are earned in between challenge locations hence
feel free to take a break before moving to the next location as this will not affect your scores.



– At every location, there will be a check-in code pasted at the entrance of
the store. Enter the code into the app to access your task instructions. This will also start your task timer.
– Once you enter the Check-in Code, click “Your Task” button to see the task description.
– The answer for each challenge is the Check-Out Code which needs to be entered into the app to successfully complete the challenge.



– Make sure your Team Anchor is logged in on the treasure hunt app from their phone. Login url: app.therushaway.com
– The app will communicate your challenge locations, task description and the time allotted for each task. After completing a challenge, the
location details for your next challenge gets unlocked.
– Your team anchor’s email ID and password will let you login. If you get logged out, you can log back in from any other device, without
any loss of information or time.




– The Check-In code needs to be entered before starting a challenge.
– The challenge timer cannot be paused or restarted so make sure your team is ready before you enter the check-in code.
– Read the task instructions carefully on the app before performing a challenge.
– All teams are allotted different routes and tasks; therefore do not follow or copy other teams.
– Each participant can participate maximum once per week
– Winners will be announced via @citywalkdubai Instagram handle on Sunday.
– Emergency Numbers: +971 52 849 7261 | +971 50 427 4030


Please accept below T&C’s to start the registration process

- I understand that my team should consist of minimum 2 and maximum of 4 members. I inderstand that all my team members should be 18 years or older and the driver of the team should have a valid UAE driving license.