City Walk Treasure Hunt

Get ready for an amazing adventure with the City Walk Treasure Hunt powered by Rush-A-Way. Participants will get to channel their inner Indiana Jones with the nail biting treasure hunt every Friday and Saturday from 8 to 30 January 2021 across City Walk.

Treasure seekers can expect to test their mental agility as they solve a series of cryptic puzzles that will be strewn across City Walk.

To secure a spot, choose your participation date and sign up for free below and receive further guidelines for your mission. The weekly winner will receive prizes worth AED 10,000 each, which includes an iPhone 12  Pro Max , an Apple watch SE and an iPad Mini.


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Decoding The Hunt
Each team will need to solve an array of logical and mental challenges spread across the City Walk. Teams need to complete each individual challenge in the shortest time possible to score the maximum points at each challenge.

Decoding the Hunt

Decoding The Challenges
The challenges are a series of puzzles and riddles designed to test participants on a variety of skill-sets like speed, logic, math and more teamwork. The challenges are communicated to the teams through the challenge web app.

Decoding the Challenges

The Prizes
The team with the highest score at the end of each weekend will receive prizes worth AED 10,000 which includes an iPhone 12 Pro Max, an Apple watch SE and an iPad Mini.

The Prizes

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Can’t wait to join the fun? Pick your team members and sign up for free now. A proof of a minimum spend of AED 50 per team from City Walk is required to complete registration on the event day. Team details and the minimum spend are not required when signing up, so secure your spot for free NOW!

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About the Challenge

  • How does the City Walk Treasure Hunt work?
  • Where to find The City Walk Treasure Hunt booth?

    The registration kiosk is located opposite the Urth Caffé in the City Walk 2.

    Closest parking is the Happiness Street Parking, P7 with the Pink Pillars.

  • What is the participation fee?

    Participation is free with a minimum spend of AED 50 at any City Walk outlet on the day of participation.

  • What is the weekly Grand Prize?

    The winning team of each weekend wins an iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple Watch SE and iPad Mini. Altogether the prize is worth AED 10,000.

  • What is the participation criteria?
    • 1. A minimum spend of AED 50 per team at any City Walk outlets on the day of participation.
    • 2. Each team needs between 2 – 3 members. There is no age restriction for participants.
    • 3. Teams need at least one smartphone with 3G/4G data connection.
    • 4. Participants can participate once per weekend
  • The Activity Duration & Timing

    The Treasure Hunt will take place on Fridays and Saturdays between 1:00 PM – 10:00 PM.

    The Treasure Hunt activity can be done at your own pace but keep in mind the cut off time for the finish is 10:00 PM. When played continuously, the activity duration is 1 hour.

  • How to Register?
    1. Step 1:  Sign up for free by filling the form below to confirm your spot. Choose the date and time slot when signing up.
    2. Step 2:  Report with your team members at the City Walk Treasure Hunt kiosk before your activity. The kiosk is located at City Walk 2 near Urth Caffé.
    3. Step 3:  Present your bill of AED 50 or above at the kiosk. The bill can be from any City Walk store and needs to be from the same day.
    4. Step 4:  The City Walk Treasure Hunt Staff will register you to the app so you can kickoff your hunt.