Why Virtual Team Buildings Are Here To Stay

Why Virtual Team Buildings Are Here To Stay

2020 will be one for the books! This year has been different, to say the least, especially where the work environment is concerned. Long exhausting commutes today have been replaced with Zoom calls. And after work, social events may have been the go-to whenever employers wanted to boost employee morale and foster a sense of community. However, as we know too well, those days are behind us- at least for now.


Organizations interested in keeping staff content and productive must adapt to survive. As professional life grows to become more digital, it’s worth wondering? Is this our new reality? How can we make human connections bloom in pixels? Virtual team building is exactly what a remote team needs when there is a communication gap or whenever there is reduced team engagement, which is more likely to occur now more than ever in this pandemic.


Businesses in all sectors and industries, whether financial services, tech, or insurance, have invested heavily in remote work tools and virtual team building are no exception. Now that so many businesses and organizations have been forced to function with remote staff and adapt to tech that allows collaboration from afar, the concept of virtual team building shouldn’t be too hard to implement in a business.


Why are virtual team buildings here to stay?

1. They Allow Employees To Connect From Anywhere

Remote work is not going away anytime soon. This year has been unlike any other particularly as it refers to the modern workplace. The beauty of virtual team building is that it’s virtual; meaning that it can connect team members from anywhere in the world. The only thing required is a stable internet connection and a working device.

2. It Helps To Improve Organizational Culture

The best companies offer their employees a great work-life balance and things shouldn’t be different amid a pandemic. Impressive paid time off policies, flexible working schedules, parental leave, sabbaticals are all vital. However, as workers have now shifted to remote work, the spirit of in-person events and company culture needs to be recreated at home via virtual team building activities.

3. Boosts Productivity

Adjusting to remote work is not the easiest thing, which means that productivity is likely suffering more than it should. That’s why virtual team building is so vital; it can help improve trust, communication, and collaboration amongst team members, therefore boosting productivity overall.



With the rise of remote teams, virtual team buildings have seen a huge growth and with the way the world is adopting remote work, this is a concept that’s here to stay. Organizations that have collaborated with virtual team building companies and tried different types of online games and virtual team activities, report positive results and in many cases, productivity and engagement have accelerated. An advantage of this new situation is it has given employees and businesses in general an outlet to try new things, think differently, as well as share ideas and solutions.


At Rush-A-Way we have helped over 200 organizations build stronger team bonds. We have combined our award-winning concept with unique and creative online team games to provide a fun and effective virtual experience which engages and motivates remote teams. Our sessions are 98% effective in strengthening bonds between team members and boosting team morale, based on participant survey.

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