How to Build a Healthy and Sustainable Team Culture

How to Build a Healthy and Sustainable Team Culture



For any team to be successful, it is imperative to have a strong team culture that can be viable for the long-term. The culture of a team is the foundation of behaviors, values, beliefs and goals that are set by those individuals within the company. Thereby, the nature of that culture can impact the overall performance and success of the team.


Given that there are an increasing number of teams working remotely, ensuring to maintain and establish a healthy Team Culture is becoming even more of a necessity. More importantly, the longevity of a successful team all boils down to if the culture that is set can be sustained in the long-term. Here are 4 ways to build a healthy and sustainable Team Culture:


1. Be Candid With Giving Feedback & Establishing Expectations

Setting clear expectations and being transparent with your team is one of the best waysto foster a healthy culture. This can be achieved by ensuring to frequently remind your team of their defined individual roles, while practising to give honest and straightforward feedback with limited sugar-coating. By following these methods, you can move towards not just building trust but also mitigating stress within your team.

2. Determine Clear Team Values

When building a strong Team Culture, it can be extremely valuable to define clear team values. One way to move towards this practise is getting the entire team to be involved in setting these values. Ensuring to involve everyone can make your team feel valued and appreciated, allowing for a fun team exercise! Determining clear values can also be used to refer to in the future, acting as a guide for the team.

3. Assure Emotional Safety

Looking at failures and mistakes as learning experiences in your team is another great way to build a healthy Team Culture. Many times, those in teams feel less valued when mistakes are made on their part. However, steering the attitude for failure towards one that is accepting and hopeful can alter your team’s emotional guard – therefore allowing for trust within the team. In addition to assuring emotional safety, it is critical to eliminate blaming – as it can create a toxic working environment.

4. Plan For Team Experiences That Boost Morale & Strengthen Bonds

Many times individuals in teams find themselves feeling demotivated to put in their best efforts for work – this can be due to monotony and lack of exciting experiences. It is crucial to give your team the chance to escape their routines once and a while so that the Team Culture remains healthy, strong and thriving. Through certain experiences, the company culture can be highlighted and reinforced in the team’s working attitude. At Rush-A-Way, we are a one-stop-shop for Group Activities, Team Building and Virtual Team Building Activities. With our award-winning activities, your team has the opportunity to participate in thrilling experiences, working on personal and group skills while most importantly – having fun!


Rush-A-Way’s classic Virtual Team Building activities can translate to building intimate connections amongst teams and more importantly can help boost morale and help mitigate feeling burnt out. If you would like us to plan and organize your virtual team-building activity, please get in touch for a free consultation and demo.


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