7 Unique Ways To Appreciate Your Remote Workforce

7 Unique Ways To Appreciate Your Remote Workforce

7 Unique Ways To Appreciate Your Remote Workforce

Voltaire, the great French Enlightenment writer once said-
“By appreciation, we make excellence in others our own property.”

This quote holds good even after two centuries. While remote working has become the
new norm everyone is adapting to and is here to stay, it is integral to understand how
companies can make their employees feel appreciated and valued even through a
computer screen. In these testing times particularly, when employees are still learning to
live with the idea that their homes are now their office cabins, a little gesture to
appreciate their efforts could go a long way. Studies show that workplace appreciation
and gratitude contribute greatly in psychologically influencing the mindset of people and

eventually boost their performance.

Here are seven ways in which remote team building activities and simple gestures can
be useful in appreciating employees.

1. Host A Virtual Award Ceremony

Nothing motivates employees like receiving an award for all the hard work they
put in and it feels even better when the recognition is done publicly. Hosting an
award ceremony virtually for your remote team is a gesture that is not only
economical but also a great way for everyone to celebrate their success together.
Use this opportunity to acknowledge your ‘Employee of the Month’ and all the
team members who met their respective targets.

2. A Gift

For companies that have a limited budget, giving a small token of appreciation to their
remote employees can make a significant impact on the employee morale. This could be
either a gift card from their favorite coffee-shop, brand, restaurant or even a personalized
hand-written ‘Thank You’ note. In a recent study conducted by Forbes, the act of
expressing gratitude is explained as something that is not only polite but also very
powerful. It makes your virtual workforce feel recognized and valued.

3. Virtual Team Building Activities

With remote working, employees may tend to feel lonely and isolated due to the lack of
face-to-face communication. The purpose of Rush-A-Way’s online team building
activities is to connect employees who are remotely working within the same city. These
can also be extended to colleagues across the globe and bring about the feeling of
oneness amongst all the virtual team members. Virtual team building happens in real
time and all remote team members can participate in exciting challenges together. This
aids in improving their decision making and problem-solving skills. With these virtual
team building activities, coworkers get the opportunity to strengthen their bond and
connect with each other in a collaborative environment. Online team building games are
a great way to unwind from a long stressful week of work as well. Click here to plan and
curate a fun-packed virtual team building activity for the remote workforce at your

4. Gift of Time

When your team members have completed challenging projects before the due date,
reward them with an extra day off along with their weekend. Since remote work may lead
to employees investing longer hours than they would in an office, an extended weekend
could help them rejuvenate and maintain a balance between their professional as well as
personal lives.

5. Give Feedback and Take Suggestions

This method is a great opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with your remote
team members and review their performances over a period of time. Feedbacks are a
mix of positive as well as constructive criticism. Virtual feedback, additionally, is
performed with more ease as screens tend to break down the feeling of apprehension
from either side. It is also a trusted way of strengthening the employer-employee
relationship. Additionally, as an employer, when you ask your employees for suggestions
it makes them feel heard and they achieve a sense of belonging.

6. Celebrate Important Days

A little party never hurts anybody, right? Consciously make efforts to celebrate special
days with your remote team members. This could include their birthdays, milestone
achievements or work anniversaries with the organization. Minimalistic gestures like
sending them a cake, some balloons or organizing a virtual team party could make these
celebrations special and memorable.

7. Encourage Professional Development

Allow your remote workers to access online seminars, courses, lectures or presentations
in order to enhance their skills as well as develop new ones. Showing a willingness and
interest to invest in their personal and career growth will boost their morale as well as
encourage them to be productive.
These were just a few simple ways of showing that you value your employees. You could
think of other ways too in which you could make your virtual workforce feel recognized.
Appreciation will not only reduce employee turnover but also have a huge impact on
employee performance levels.
At Rush-A-Way we have worked with over 200 organizations to build stronger team bonds
and appreciation plays a key role in doing so. We combine our award-winning concept with

unique online team building games to provide a fun-filled and exciting experience which
engages remote teams. Our sessions are voted 98% effective for strengthening as well as
motivating teams.

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