5 Stimulating Practices to keep Remote Teams Engaged

5 Stimulating Practices to keep Remote Teams Engaged



The absence of group communication and adapting to varying working dynamics can largely influence a team’s ability to collaborate – however, taking efforts to introduce Virtual Team Building activities that are stimulating for groups of individuals can help mitigate a problem of this nature.


The term Team Building is often misunderstood as tiresome and ineffective in the corporate landscape. Realistically, Team Building Activities can be rewarding and rather entertaining. Here are a few stimulating practices to unite a remote team through a screen:


1. Converse through Chat Rooms

Conversing with one another does not always have to be productive – engaging in conversations that pertain to topics outside of work currents give individuals the opportunity to express a different side of their perspectives. Group chats establish intimate relationships that invite the comfort of support and a sense of belonging. Chat rooms are a great way to make one feel comfortable – while connecting them to other individuals under the same working environment.

2. Encourage Virtual ‘Spirit Week’

Working remotely can often mean less face-to-face interaction. Many individuals turn off their cameras while attending meetings or when conversing with their colleagues. One way to encourage individuals to turn their cameras on is to introduce Spirit Weeks. Once or twice a week let there be an assigned theme (e.g. Crazy Hat Day). This motivates employees to turn their cameras as an act of curiosity to see what their colleagues have done to participate in the theme. More importantly, this invites teams to converse in light-hearted conversations – rather than just work-related currents.

3. Encourage Virtual Corporate Traditions

Incorporating common practices in the corporate community can be the key to stronger team cohesion. Bringing traditions; be it through those of a single community or not, can boost the sense of unity. Practicing traditions remotely can also encourage members to get creative, sparking their ability to use their imagination.


4. Join in on Morning Huddles

Introducing well-organized daily huddles in the mornings of the work day can positively impact your team’s ability to work together, increase efficiency, and reduce stress. These short meetings give individuals the chance to clear any confusions pertaining to their scheduled tasks, while fostering a community as everyone gets an idea of what their colleagues are working on.


5. Participate in Virtual Challenges

When individuals unite as one under a team to participate in something that is rather competitive, it not only brings out their skills in time management and collaboration – but allows them to create memorable moments that they can share for the foreseeable future. At Rush-A-Way, we offer Virtual Team Building activities as well as various other Group Activities – to boost team spirit and communication amongst teams. Our unique and fun-filled challenges can give you and your team the opportunity to foster stronger bonds with one another!


These activities can translate to the creation of closer relationships amongst the corporate world, and more importantly can help lessen stress levels that are often caused by a result of mundane and repetitive routines. If you would like us to plan and organize your virtual team-building activity, please get in touch for a free consultation and demo!


At Rush-A-Way we have helped over 200 organizations build stronger team bonds. Now we have combined our award-winning concept with unique and creative online team games to provide a fun and effective virtual experience which engages and motivates remote teams. Our sessions are 98% effective in strengthening bonds between team members and boosting team morale, based on the participant’s survey.


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