4 Ways to Successfully Motivate Your Teams

4 Ways to Successfully Motivate Your Teams


Motivating employees when working virtually from home or in-person at the office can be a recurring problem. If not addressed in a strategic manner, it can greatly impact workforce efficiency and productivity. In order to successfully motivate teams, it is important to provide teams with collaboration tools and make time to build relationships and trust within the team. Such steps not only positively impact the company culture, but also improves the team’s productivity.


Here are some of the simple yet effective strategies that can help improve team spirit and morale in the working world:


1. Survey Tools to Measure Motivation

Today, you can find a plethora of digital platforms that give you the freedom to construct your own survey. Creating surveys on a regular basis for your remote teams to fill out gives you the opportunity to benchmark the level of motivation coexisting within the teams. Ensuring the delivery of thought-provoking questions will give them the space to lay out what is working for them and what is not – allowing for growth in the culture of the workforce that can eventually motivate teams to work with efficiency and high spirit.

2. Raise Talks on Adaptive Performance

Taking the time to inform your teams on adaptive performance can be extremely beneficial for the team’s success and sustainability over time. One way to introduce this practice is by dedicating a few days in a month to schedule performance cycle meetings. When teams are able to voice their concerns in these meetings, strategies are decided in order to help those individuals to adapt to changing work cultures – especially when switching from in-person to virtual.

3. Invest Time to Build Trust

In order to build trust within teams, one has to build relationships that are deeper than the surface level of work currents. While it takes some effort to do so, creating bonds with your teams can allow for trust amongst each other. Some conversation starters to break the ice when building relationships and trust could be asking about one’s working style, their hobbies and interests, as well as a little of their personal lives outside of work. To stay motivated, virtual teams need to show that they trust their employees.


4. Plan for Engaging Team Building Activities

An easy yet effective way to motivate teams is with Team Building Activities both for In-Person and Virtual. Effective Team Building Activities that are designed to boost morale, strengthen bonds and increase productivity have lasting benefits on the efficiency of a remote workforce. Sometimes, all teams need is a change in environment and subject. At Rush-A-Way we offer engaging activities including award winning online Team Building games, engaging Scavenger Hunts, Amazing race styled activities and experiential in-person team buildings. Our activities can be the solution to motivating remote teams or otherwise as they get the chance to work together through various obstacles – bringing them together through a common objective!


Rush-A-Way’s classic Virtual Team Building activities can translate to building intimate connections amongst teams and more importantly can help boost morale and help mitigate feeling burnt out. If you would like us to plan and organize your virtual team-building activity, please get in touch for a free consultation and demo.


At Rush-A-Way we have helped over 200 organizations build stronger team bonds. Now we have combined our award-winning concept with unique and creative online team games to provide a fun and effective virtual experience which engages and motivates remote teams. Our sessions are 98% effective in strengthening bonds between team members and boosting team morale, based on the participant’s survey.


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