About Us-2019

About Us-2019

About Overview

If you are looking for a unique team-bonding exercise that ignites team spirit, friendly competition and creates infectious excitement, look no further! Dubai's thrilling Corporate Challenge is back on Saturday, 30th March 2019!

Oman Insurance Corporate Challenge powered by Rush-A-Way and LivFit, is an inter-company competition that guarantees an exciting day out for teams to strengthen team bonds and ignite team spirits!

Teams from 50 different organizations will compete to conquer 7 challenges in an exhilarating adventure around Dubai, to win the coveted title.

Teams of 4 members, will tackle 7 unique challenges around Dubai. In their endeavor, teams will test their mental and physical fitness, quick thinking and teamwork!

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The Rush-A-Way Challenge

Rush–A–Way is an exciting, nail-biting adventure race around Dubai, where contesting teams challenge their mental abilities, physical fitness, navigation skills and teamwork, while having a blast!
The Race is weekend goals! It promises to be a day of high energy and great emotions with friends. The participants can look forward to discover new experiences around Dubai and leave with a great sense of accomplishment.


The Objective

During the course of the event, the contesting teams comprising of 2 - 4 members navigate through unique challenges set up around Dubai. The team works together, to overcome the challenges within its allotted time limit to gain maximum points and receive the details of the next challenge location.



The challenges are designed to test participants on a variety of skill sets, ranging from speed, logic, perseverance, quick thinking and teamwork. The challenges are not disclosed before the race, but be prepared to do lots of exciting things and while you are at it, make sure you RUSHHHHH.


The Winner

At each challenge, teams earn points based on how fast they complete it and if they fail to complete a challenge within its allotted time, they receive a penalty. The team that finishes with the highest score, wins the glorious title and the grand prize.

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Corporate Activities

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